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The development of the internet has changed the ways of shopping. The benefits of online shopping will encourage more people to experience it and create change in traditional shopping patterns. Today, this kind of shopping method is more in compliance with the conditions of modern life. The characteristics and nature of online shopping are more coordinated with the spirit and our needs. We are all working hard for our personal and collective progress. Nowadays, our time is more expensive, despite the daily preoccupation. We all have plans for this time. We all prefer to save our time for our work and entertainments, despite wasting our time in traffic for buying and shopping.

Today, for most of our daily needs there are newer solutions, including the choice and purchase of goods.

These days’ people don’t buy anything without research and scrutiny. Customers already take advantage of their extensive choice and available information. The customers request more choice and are willing to choose more precisely and with more certainty. This is why every day increases the number of online shops.

With the human inclination to natural and herbal products and increasing spread of plant-based products, the need for new and specialized markets of medicinal plants and herbal supplements has increased rapidly.

The general tendency to use of herbal products and herbal supplements is increasing due to the wealthier of global communities, prove of destructive and adverse effects of chemical medicines and supplements, increase confidence in the use of medicinal plants for human health and etc.

The World Health Organization’s support for the consumption of natural and herbal products also has caused development in production and trade of herbal products, herbal supplements, and herbal medicines.


“Herbeday“™: A Comprehensive B2C Online Herbal Store

Herbeday“is an Online Herbal Store to meet the tendency for using herbal products for human health.

In this Herbal Store We offer you more than 150 effective and amazing products in 4 groups:

Herbal supplements: These products have provided in 25 health group for health and treatment such as cough and cold, diabetes, anti-depression, hair, and skin care and etc.

Herbal oils and essential oils: Natural and herbal oils and essential oils for health, treatment, aromatherapy, massage and etc.

Herbal tea: Natural drinks for your health and enjoy.

Raw material: Herbs in packaged form for your usage as food, tea and etc.


We have tried to provide you a comprehensive Online Herbal Store with confirmed quality and international certificates. These certificates are such as:

  • CE (European Conformity)
  • GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)
  • Organic (Standard on growing the plants in organic situations)
  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point)
  • ISO9001 (Quality management system fundamentals)
  • ISO14001 (Environmental management to minimize damage to the environment)
  • ISO10004 (Monitoring and measuring customer satisfaction)
  • ISO17025 (Technical competence of laboratory)
  • HALAL (Health of food based on Islamic standards)


This Online Herbal Store is supported by an international company with several regional offices in the world, such as England, China, and the middle east office. You can contact us and ask your questions by sending a message via this Online Herbal Store or contact our offices in different parts of the world.  For shopping from our Herbal Store, just go to the website, “”. Variety of products with technical and commercial features will be provided to you in this comprehensive Herbal Store. After review and selection of the products and needed volume, you can submit your order and pay online for it. The products will deliver to you. In addition, in this Online Herbal Store, we offer you free delivery and discount delivery for more than 40 Euro purchase, as well as special offers and gifts for your buying.

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