10 Top Herbs in the List of Essential Oils

list of essential oils

These days’ essential oils have many usage and popularity among the people. This is because of its Amazing health benefits and great aroma.

People use essences for aromatherapy, massage and use it orally as an herbal supplement. All of these usages are for being healthy, preventing disease as well as for treatment. Natural essential oils because of being natural, if used according to instructions, has no side effects. In this text, we introduce some of the most important essential oils. In the following, you can see the most popular List of Essential Oils. Here we briefly introduce the health benefits and main usage of these most popular oils in the world. For more details, we suggest you refer to “Herbeday.com” and see complete Essential Oils List and its properties.


Rose oil is a great antidepressant, digestive inflammation remedy as well as a good libido increaser. It can be used orally or can be used in aromatherapy for its soothing aroma. Also, massage with rose essence in beneficial for skin health. So this oil is in the top of List of Essential Oils and we suggest you to regularly consume it.


Lavender is one of the most famous herbs in the world.  If you are looking for natural sedative, Lavender essential oil is a good suggestion. It has nervous system improve and Sedative ingredients. It is a good choice for aromatherapy and massage and can help to relieve stress. Also, it has many other benefits such as Migraines treatment, Tremors, Rheumatism, and etc.


If you check the List of Essential Oils, Chamomile is one of the most famous and popular herbs and WHO confirms its benefits for human health. Chamomile is beneficial for the digestive tract. It has anti-inflammation and anti-septic effects so can control digestive tract inflammation and infection. It improves gastrointestinal tract by controlling and destroying of Helicobacter pylori bacterium. It is also one of the beneficial essential oils for hair


Eucalyptus oil has a strong flavor and is great antiseptic and anti-bacterial material. It is very effective in improving respiratory disorders, such as sinusitis, bronchitis, and coughing. It is also common oil for aromatherapy. It can be used in bath and Steam sauna and can be effective for cold and cough treatment.


Cumin oil can be used for digestive disorders and for blood sugar reduction. Also, it is one of the famous fat burners and its consumption is good for people with high weight and obesity. Hence it uses in herbal supplements for weight loss. These effects have confirmed by Indian and Iranian traditional medicines.


Ginger has antispasmodic effects. Also, it can be beneficial for the gastrointestinal tract and can reduce nausea and vomiting, especially in pregnant women. Also, its regular consumption can boost libido. It is because ginger oil increases blood flow to the sexual organs.


If you suffer from insomnia, we suggest using lemongrass essential oil. The active ingredients of this oil reduce the time to fall asleep and increase the duration and quality of the sleep. So it can be used as a useful sleep aid.


Sage oil has various health benefits and is one of the popular essences for aromatherapy. It has calming effects. Active ingredients of Sage cause less transpiration and hot flashes, so it can be used by postmenopausal women


Thyme essential oil has antiseptic effects and it is the best natural substance for cough and cold treatment. Hence in many natural supplements and remedies for cough, it has been used. The Germany Commission E has confirmed the benefits of Thyme for cough and Bronchitis treatment.


Peppermint oil is known as a medicine in Pharmacopoeias. It has various health benefits such and is good to treat morning nausea, respiratory infections, colds, and painful menstruation.

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