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What is blood pressure? Supplements to Lower Blood Pressure are important?

Do you know what is blood pressure? Also how to Lower Your Blood Pressure? Do you know how to lower blood pressure naturally? This article can help you.  As one of the most important parts of the body, the heart functions is to pump blood to the organs of the body. Blood carries deoxygenated blood to the lungs and containing oxygen to organs. However, if the amount of pressure exerted to the veins by heart function is high, this means high blood pressure. A dangerous disease; especially in the absence of treatment and can lead to other diseases. It can lead to heart disorders and is among the top 10 factors of mortality. Therefore, Blood Pressure Regulation is important. There are methods such as Supplements to Lower Blood Pressure or antihypertensive herbs that can be effective.

How to Measure pressure?


Various traditional and digital devices that show two numbers are used to measure this factor. The first number refers to systolic blood pressure, which indicates maximum pressure caused by heart rate in arteries (in fact it determines it during activity and pumping blood). The second number relates to diastolic blood pressure, which indicates minimum pressure in arteries, (It means determining it at rest-time). The normal number is 12 on 8.  Increasing each of these numbers means an increase in this factor.  It should be noted that age can be a little effective in changing this number. So it is important to control this disease and to know how to lower your blood pressure? Which are the Best Supplements to Lower Blood Pressure? Which are the best natural Antihypertensive drugs? And many other questions.

Symptoms of high blood pressure

Usually, since this is a disease type that has uncertain symptoms and has a devastating effect on human health, so it can be said to be somewhat dangerous.  According to reliable statistics and reports, about 1.5 billion people worldwide have this health disorder, 50% of whom are unaware of it.  That’s why it’s called the silent fatal disease.  It can have fatal side effects such as heart attack, vision loss, stroke, and kidney failure.  People should check this factor regularly and if necessary, treat and prevent it by referring to a specialist.

As stated, it usually does not have a precise sign, so it needs regular checkups.  Sudden blood pressure can have symptoms such as nausea, restlessness, chest pain, shortness of breath, blurred vision.

Factors that influence blood pressure

Several factors can influence hypertension, it needs attention to prevent these diseases.  Although some factors are not in our control but should be avoided as much as possible.  Some of the main factors that cause this disease are as follows:

1- Diabetes

Unfortunately, in people with diabetes, there is an increased probability of hypertension.  In this regard, diabetes can cause this problem by narrowing blood vessels

2- Age

The relation between human age & vascular elasticity is inversely correlated, meaning that elasticity decreases with age.  Atherosclerosis and impaired blood flow are important factors in disease, so reducing elasticity by affecting blood circulation in the body increases the probability of catching the disease.

 3- Inheritance

Genetics can also be passed on to other important factors in the development of the disease that the person may not be able to prevent.  So people who have a family history of the disease should be more careful about it.  Therefore, by regularly controlling and avoiding other contributing factors, one can prevent it.

4- Obesity

Recent studies in this area show that obesity (especially abdominal obesity) and hypertension have a direct relationship, meaning that people who are overweight than their normal-weight are more likely to develop the disease.  On the other hand, people who are overweight have a higher risk of developing heart disease and hyperlipidemia, and it can be more dangerous.

5- Immobility

Immobility causes weakness in the heart.  Heart for that to forward enough blood to organs should be pumped more times that lead to increased pressure on heart and blood vessels.  Therefore, the risk of this disease is increased. Immobility and lack of regular exercise can also lead to other problems such as weight gain or hyperlipidemia.

6- Smoking

Oxygen loss in the body is a result of smoking, which results in increased pressure.  Therefore, the heart needs to work harder to supply the body with the oxygen it needs, which means more risk to suffer to this problem.

7- Alcohol consumption

Alcohol consumption, although harmful to health, is one of the factors contributing to increased hypertension.  Repeated use will lead to elevated systolic blood pressure, which may make them more likely to develop chronic hypertension and therefore heart failure.

8- Salt consumption

If salt intake is balanced, the human body will have no problem.  Therefore, its excessive consumption increases the amount of water in the blood and ultimately increases the risk of the disease.

9- Increased fat and blood cholesterol

There are 2 kinds of fats; “useful” & “harmful”.  Saturated fats and bad cholesterol (LDL) are the causes of many diseases.  Furthermore, how can harmful fat cause this disease? The answer is obvious, any factor that causes arterial and circulatory dysfunction can cause hypertension.  LDL deposition in veins arteries is one of the causes of atherosclerosis and impaired circulation in the body.  Therefore, excessive consumption can lead to the narrowing of the vessels.

10- Mental stress

It should be mentioned that under stress terms, the body begins to secrete certain hormones and substances to counteract it that lead to increase heart rate and tightening blood vessels.  Therefore, chronic and prolonged stress can lead to impaired blood flow and eventually to the disease.  On the other hand, it is possible to precipitate some of the secreted substances in vessels during stress over time.

Important tips for prevention

Disease prevention is naturally more important than treating it.  It is possible to prevent it by detecting useful solutions in the first step. Actions can be taken to prevent it by identifying factors such as smoking and alcohol that are effective in blood pressure.  Some factors and strategies have important effects on the prevention of this disease. Here are some tips to know how to lower the risk of disease.

1- Appropriate nutrition


Proper nutrition is the most important factor in maintaining health and preventing many diseases, including hypertension.  For example, the consumption of material containing bad fat (LDL), salt, sodium should be reduced. Also, use some materials s such as potassium-containing material.  Some foods and herbs are effective in lowering and controlling this disease with affordable material, some of which will be discussed below.

2- Regular exercise

Regular exercise during the week has been recognized as one of the most effective strategies to prevent this health disorder.  Regular, long-term exercise helps strengthen the heart, preventing the deposition of harmful material such as cholesterol in veins and better blood flow in them.

3- Stress control and management

Lack of stress & its management is also very effective in preventing many health disorders. The first step to managing stress is to avoid issues and environments that create stress for you.  If you are experiencing stress, wanted and unwanted, the first step is to try to eliminate stressor cases as soon as possible.  The next step is to reduce stress by exercising, listening to music, doing leisure activities, and so on.

Treatment and control

There are a variety of chemical drugs such as Ramipril, diltiazem, reserpine, amlodipine, and prazosin to act as an Antihypertensive. Antihypertensives reduce it by improving blood vessel operation and blood flow to the body.  Needless to say, these Antihypertensives have their side effects such as nausea, drowsiness, headaches, anorexia, or even gastrointestinal disorders.  Therefore, we recommend that you use natural anti-hypertensives.

10 herbs to lower blood pressure

supplements to lower blood pressure
supplements to lower blood pressure

The use of certain foods and herbs to lower blood pressure with active ingredients may work as anti-hypertensives and is the best answer to the question of how to reduce high blood pressure. Supplements to Lower Blood Pressure are made from herbal active ingredients and scientific pharmaceutical methods have similar effects to these natural ingredients.

Some herbs, foods, and best natural Supplements to Lower Blood Pressure are as follows.

1- Garlic

The Garlic contains an ingredient that calls Allicin. It helps for Blood Pressure Regulation by controlling the protein that is responsible for causing pressure in the blood. Also, the Polysulfide in the Garlic may cause pressure reduction through dilating vessels. If you are looking for the answer to how to Lower Your Blood Pressure, the consumption of garlic for the reduction of blood pressure is recommended. Also, Garlic supplement is a good choice, as one of the Best Supplements to Lower Blood Pressure.

2- Hibiscus tea

If you are searching for how to reduce high blood pressure, This tea may be a good answer. Hibiscus tea has antioxidant compounds. Regular consumption of this herb may be effective for the reduction of pressure. Use this best antihypertensive herb to control pressure.


3- Cottonseed

The plant contains omega-3 which has anti-inflammatory and Anticoagulant properties. The consumption of Cottonseed or its supplement may be effective for health.

4- Hawthorn

This is an herb with different mechanisms of action for pressure reduction. It reduces vascular inflammation, prevents blood clots and plaque formation in the vessels, etc. Hawthorn supplements may be a natural way for reducing high pressure.

5- Green tea

Green tea is rich in anti-inflammatory substances and eliminates the damages caused by this disease. Regular Green tea consumption may reduce the risk of this disease by almost 50 %. The mixed consumption of this plant with Cinnamon may increase the effects of this plant. Besides, green tea supplements can be used as one of the Supplements to Lower Blood Pressure.

6- Cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum)

Cardamom is a spice mostly produces in India.  Studies show that people with hypertension who consume Cardamom daily experienced a decrease in pressure(1). If you are looking at how to reduce high blood pressure, don’t forget this herb. You can use this antihypertensive spice to control blood pressure.

how to reduce high blood pressure
how to reduce high blood pressure

7- Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a spice with an attractive taste that may help to lower pressure. The pooled estimate of the effect of cinnamon intake on SBP and DBP demonstrated that the use of cinnamon significantly decreased SBP and DBP by 5.39 mm Hg (95% CI, -6.89 to -3.89) and 2.6 mm Hg (95% CI, -4.53 to -0.66) respectively(2).

8- Citrus

Citrus fruits are high in antioxidants, have anti-inflammatory properties, and may be effective for vascular health and pressure control in blood.

9- Celery

Regularly eating celery may be useful in various ways to prevent blood vessels from blocking bloodstream.  Celery contains phytochemicals and helps improve blood flow.


Herbal essential oils that help to reduce blood pressure

It needs to know that some herbal essential oils may have a positive role in reducing some of the factors affecting pressure in blood.  Most of these have sedative properties. There are some evidence that proves the effects of essential is for BP. But more studies need to prove the positive effects of essential oils.

1- Lavender

Since it has a calming effect, it may be effective in lowering your heart rate so can be effective for high BP(3).

2- Rose

This essential oil has anti-inflammatory and sedative properties which may help improve blood flow to the body.

3- Lemon balm

An essential ingredient in hypertension control and heart care. Use this antihypertensive herb.

4- Lemon

Lemons help relieve stress and may reduce heart rate and pressure.

5- Orange

It belongs to the citrus family which may be effective in controlling the disease. It is one of the best essential oils that may lower blood pressure(4).

6- Common sage

Some consumers have suggested that it can help control pressure through weight loss. Sage essential oil is a natural antihypertensive.

7- Valerian

Its properties have potent anti-stress effects, which may be useful for controlling heart rate and pressure.


If you are consuming blood pressure drugs, it is better to consult with a doctor for using these products at the same time. Of course, many times using natural blood pressure drugs and herbal supplements may be effective and there is no need for chemical drugs.

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