4 Main Natural methods for Teething Relief


Baby” s teething, which usually takes place in the first year of their lives, have created many inconveniences for the bay and the parents. It is one of the hardest periods of babies’ life. Teething usually occurs at 6th month of the babies’ life. It usually happens, along with symptoms such as the flowing of the saliva, itching, impatience, eating disorder and children cry. Hence, one of the frequent concerns of parents is finding a good Teething Relief and Teething Remedies. Also, parents should be aware that using remedies that the baby does not show any sensitivity to the methods. Here we introduce 4 main methods to alleviate the teething pains:

– Massage baby gum

The smooth massage of the baby gum with a finger or a cold soft tool, can relief teething pain.

– Chewing a cool tool by the baby

At this period, the child has a tendency to push a tool to the gums. Therefore, it is good to give the baby a cool and semi-rigid object to relief the pain by chewing and pressing it into the gum. Also, you can buy soft tissues in the pharmacies that are filled with liquids.

– Use of teething pain medication

If the child “s pain is high, using chemical medicines is also advisable under the doctor” s prescription.

– Use of herbal remedies for Teething Relief

Some chemical medicines can alleviate the pain, but it can also be harmful to the child. Our advice is to use herbal Teething Remedies to relieve pain. With herbal ingredients, these products can relieve the infant”s pain locally. The medicinal plants that can be used for this purpose are varied. The famous examples are Chamomile and Sage.

Chamomile: Among the important properties of the Chamomile, it has anti-inflammatory and anti-pain properties. When using this herb on the baby’s gums, it can help to relieve the pain.

Sage: The main properties of the sage is antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-pain. It is advisable to use this herb for relieving the pain baby teething. Also, the consumption of this herb can also reduce the swelling of the gums, thus reducing the pain.


Dentikid Barij Gel, one of the best herbal remedies for teething

This herbal product is a good Teething Relief gel and can be used as one of the best Teething Remedies. This herbal gel contains Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla), Sage (Salvia officinalis) and Pro-Vitamin B5. The mentioned ingredients are a topical gel Teething Relief so can relief teething pains of teething.

Chamomile, Sage, and vitamin B5 can help for pain and inflammation reduction of the gum. so it helps the baby to pass this period of life with minimal pain and weakness and anorexia. In addition, parents can pass this period with less stress.

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