4 main usages of Rose oil – Cosmetic & Pharmaceutical

Damask Rose is one of the most famous species of the Rose family, which has many uses in industries. It is because it has aromatic materials and various properties for health. The essential oils that are taken from this plant are important in some industries. Rose Oil is a well-known product in the world and is using in various industries such as cosmetics industry, perfume industry, pharmaceutical industry, and food industries. The usage of Damask Rose Oil is increasing these days, especially as people are more eager to consume healthier and natural products.

Rose production and cultivation is more common in Iran, Turkey, and Bulgaria and is a strategic product that has high economic benefits. This herb, which can be cultivated in various climatic conditions, its highest quality produces in Iran and Bulgaria.

In this article we will discuss 4 main usages of Rose Oil in various industries:

  • Rose and the cosmetics industry

Rose essential oil has been used since ancient times and this usage has been increasing as time has passed. The usage of this herb in the cosmetic industry has various reasons. Firstly, the extraordinary aroma of this herb is the reason for this popularity. on the other hand, the various properties of this product for skin and hair have contributed to the use of it. For instance, the components of this plant have the property of increasing the moisture of the skin. Hence, using the products which contain this herb cause of skin wrinkles removal and the treatment of skin inflammations. For sensitive skins, it is very important. Also, Rose essential oil can keep your skin healthy. The main reason for this is the presence of the antioxidant in it which protects the skin from the damage of free radicals. It also helps in enhancing the growth of hair. The components of this plant strengthen the hair follicles, thus strengthening the hair and increasing its growth. On the other hand, Rose Oil has the properties of the hair. Hence, this product is used in shampoos and creams and other precious and expensive cosmetics products.

  • Damask Rose Oil usage in the perfume industry

Rose essential oil is one of the main ingredients in the perfume industry. The perfume of this plant causes that big part of this oil in the perfume industry, especially in the production of expensive perfumes.

  • Use in the food industry

The usage of Damask Rose Oil, due to its aroma and flavor, is in the form of food flavor. For example, it uses in the production of jam, syrup, dessert and ice cream and etc.

  • Pharmaceutical industry

Due to its valuable ingredients, it is an extraordinary combination of human health. Hence, it uses in the manufacturing of drugs and herbal supplements. The main characteristic of this plant is its sedative effect. So it uses in natural antidepressant supplements. Also because of the anti-inflammatory effect of this herb, one of the main Rose Oil capsules benefits is for digestive tract inflammation.


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