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What is Upper Stomach Pain and bloating?

Different types of stomach pains are one of the health problems that many face and are highly annoying. The Upper Stomach Pain, which causes by different reasons, is one of the most disturbing types of stomach pain. The Upper Stomach Pain causes due to different reasons such as flatulence, liver problems, indigestion, virus, etc. One of the most important causes of Upper Stomach Pain is flatulence, which many of us have experienced it, and some people are constantly facing this problem. A bloated stomach is usually associated with pain, stomach stiffness, stomach pains, and the feeling of gas in the stomach. Various factors such as stress, consumption of some foods, and alcohol consumption are the reasons for the cause of bloating and gas. So preventing is the first step and next is to use Gas Relief Medicine. As well as how to stop bloating is important.

Therefore, the important question is how to stop bloating and what is best the flatulence treatment.  If you are looking for a Gas Relief Medicine our advice is using natural ways and herbal remedies to treat your disease. Here we introduce 5 best herbs for flatulence treatment and get rid of bloating and gas. You can find natural medications that are produced by using these herbs and herbal ingredients.

Why upper upper stomach pain occurs?

upper stomach pain

Most people have experienced flatulence. Bloating is known by wind and swelling in the abdomen, feeling of fullness and pressure in the abdomen after eating.

Flatulence caused by gas produced in the digestive system. Gas is produced as a result of the digestion of eaten food. Gas produces in two ways; air ingestion as well as food digestion by large intestine bacteria. These bacteria produce hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and methane.

If you want to know more about upper stomach pain, bloating and how to stop bloating, follow this article.

What causes bloating?

1- Irritable Bowel Syndrome

The most common cause of bloating is Irritable Bowel Syndrome(1). Bowel movements are impaired if the intestinal and gastric nerve system does not function properly.

2- Excessive consumption of legumes

A variety of legumes including chickpeas, beans, which are rich in proteins and carbohydrates which are non-digestible, can cause bloating and gas in the stomach(2).

3- Intestinal infections

Intestinal infection is another cause of bloating. Excessive growth of bacteria within the intestines or stomach and certain parasitic diseases cause bloating. Sometimes food may be digested and absorbed by bacteria and cause gas and bloating.

4- Consumption of industrial beverages and drinks

Consumption of beverages and industrial drinks makes the stomach swollen. Because it contains artificial sweeteners that are not digestible. Carbonated drinks increase the problem.

5- Fast eating

Nowadays people are so busy and always in a hurry. With eating often some air and gas with food are swallowed up in the stomach. When you eat faster, more gas enters the stomach and can lead to bloating(3).

6- High salt intake

High salt consumption may cause bloating in the stomach, and the digestive system cannot digest them, which causes swelling and bloating of the stomach.

7- Consumption of chewing gums, candy and cigarettes

Chewing the gum or sucking the rigid candy and smoking may enter a lot of air to the stomach, which is the cause of the bloating.

8- Sleeping immediately after eating

Lying after eating may disrupt the digestion process. Also if you sleep immediately after eating, the digestive system cannot digest the foods and produce gas in the stomach.

20 foods and herbs to get rid of the bloated stomach

1- Chamomile

Chamomile may help to relax GI muscles and help to discharge gas from the stomach and improve digestion, as well as helps for gas relief.

2- Nutmeg

If you suffer from the Upper Stomach Pain, which its reason is bloating, our strong advice is to use Nutmeg or Nutmeg oral drop. This product is surely one of Nature’s miracles for gas. It is a natural product that may cure flatulence, which may help to relieve digestive disorders and better digestion, due to having special ingredients. Also, it may be a great Gas Relief Medicine by increasing the secretion of digestive enzymes. So if you are looking for the answer to the question of how to stop bloating, our first offer is this natural remedy.

3- Peppermint

The cause of flatulence is the unbalanced function of the digestive tract and spasms. So Peppermint due to having anti-spasm property may help to relieve Upper Stomach Pain and remove indigestion(4). The Mint soft capsule which contains peppermint essential oil also may be a good option.

gas relief medicine

4- Cumin

Cumin is known as a spice more than herbal medicine. However, it is good to know that this herb has a lot of therapeutic properties like weight loss as well as gas cure. Cumin may help to relieve Upper Stomach Pain and stomach inflammations by facilitating the gas removal from the stomach as well as gastrointestinal disorders remove(5). Hence Cumin’s oral drop may be a good Gas Relief Medicine. This herb is a good answer to the question; how to stop bloating.

5- Fennel

Fennel, a medicinal plant with multiple health benefits. The properties of this herb are specially for the health of the digestive system. It may help for gas discharge, treatment of irritable bowel syndrome, and stomach spasm. The Fennel oral drop is a natural Gas Relief Medicine that may be useful for many health disorders of the stomach.

6- Milk thistle

how to stop bloating

Milk thistle has many therapeutic properties including anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antioxidant that may be useful for aiding digestion and reducing intestinal inflammation, liver detoxification, and flatulence treatment.

7- Thyme

Among Thyme properties, it may improve the digestion and gas relief. Indigestion is one of the reasons for bloating that by the consumption of this herb in the form of tea or the Thyme soft capsule, you can get rid of a bloated stomach.

8- Rosemary

Rosemary is one of the best medicinal plants for better food digestion. This plant contains many compounds of antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties. It is very useful for treating stomach aches, diarrhea, flatulence, bloating, or constipation. In fact, Rosemary is one of those natural and effective gastrointestinal remedies.

9- Ginger

Ginger is an amazing herb or spice with many therapeutic properties. This gas medicine has compounds called gingerol, which has a very strong anti-inflammatory property that may cure gastrointestinal and abdominal problems easily.


Researchers have concluded that it contains a large amount of curcumin, which is especially useful for stomach pains, flatulence, and irritable bowel syndrome. You can use Turmeric as a natural gas medicine.

11- Garlic

Garlic has many properties that may help to balance the bacteria in the gut; also it can prevent stomach ulcers and flatulence.


upper stomach pain

People who have digestion problems, Oat may help them. This beneficial food is easily digestible, also causes intestinal bacteria balance.

It also may help for easier digestion, digestive health, relieving inflammation, lowering cholesterol, relieving constipation, and boosting the immune system(6).

13- Almond

Almonds have very beneficial nutrients including fiber, protein, and prebiotic which is why it is the best food to treat flatulence and gas medicine.

14- Olive oil

gas relief medicine

Olive oil has been known as one of the best edible oils. This oil has a large amount of omega3 can help for treatment of and flatulence.

15- Apple vinegar

Apple vinegar is the best home remedy for stomach bloating. Apple vinegar can increase stomach acid and is also a natural antibacterial that helps stomach function and treats bloating(7).

16- Kiwi

bloating and gas

The researchers concluded that Kiwi has a lot of carbohydrates and fibers that contribute to the treatment of flatulence(8). And also the people who consume daily kiwi are less likely to experience flatulence and abdominal disease. If you search how to stop bloating, use this fruit regularly.

17- Lemon

Lemon is a kind of edible acid which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Lime not only may help for better digestion but also may eliminate the toxins of the digestive tract and contributes to the treatment of bloating and gas(9),(10).

18- Strawberry

how to stop bloating

Strawberry is a good source of fiber, potassium, and antioxidants, which may eliminate the toxins of the digestive tract and is very useful for treating flatulence.

19- Banana

Banana is one of the most consumed fruits of the world that has many properties. Eating just a banana a day can meet your health.

Banana has a high amount of potassium that may cause the removal of bacteria in the stomach, helping to treat stomach ulcers and flatulence.

20- Peaches

upper stomach pain

Peach is rich in useful nutrients including calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and iron, etc.  So it may be very useful like bananas for the treatment of stomach ulcers and stomach bloating. If you search how to stop bloating, this fruit can help.

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