Natural Supplements

The goal of a balanced diet is to supply energy and protein with all micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) for health. This point includes any age and also human sex. But sometimes in human life, there are conditions that supply of nutrition may not be provided with a normal diet. In these cases, food supplements and Natural Supplements are the best options in order to balance nutrition and protect the body and prevent diseases.

But using chemical supplements can be accompanied by side effects, on other hands, Natural Supplements has no side effects.

Natural Supplements include a range of different products. In general, these supplements are either combined with a combination of food or by their byproducts and has many benefits. Natural dietary supplements are full of specific nutrients and include active ingredients that help in the digestive or metabolic processes or provide a mix of nutrients and active ingredients.

However, you should be aware of their advantages and disadvantages when they consume them. Natural Supplements, such as garlic, Aloe Vera, leaf plants, fish oil, and bran have been used in many parts of the world for centuries.

These kinds of supplements are offered in every form. You can find them in the form of pills, capsules, powder, liquids, jellies, cream, biscuits, wafer, granules and etc. The packaging of the product depends on the nature of the supplementary food composition. The therapeutic effect of these materials is different. Since these products are made up of perishable foods, food derivatives or food products, herbs and plants and etc.

Who needs to use these kinds of products?

Many people of different ages may need to use these products. For example, the children how suffer from growth disorder may need to use multivitamins and mineral supplements to help improve the appetite and growth of children in a periodic and limited manner.

Puberty: Puberty is one of the rapid growth periods of human life. If we cannot meet the needs of this period through a balanced diet, the use of Natural Supplements for this period is essential. The supplement of iron, zinc, sometimes multivitamins or protein supplements is essential for teenagers who do not use enough food and animal products.

Pregnancy and lactation periods: The supplement of iron for pregnancy is essential. For example, folic acid supplement is recommended before pregnancy. If the mother loses weight during pregnancy, appropriate dietary supplements are also needed. Mothers – feeding mothers, who do not have a balanced diet, need these kinds of supplements to provide milk and to protect their health.

People with special working conditions: People who work at night, people living in mines and far from sunlight need vitamin D and some other kind of Natural Supplements.

Seniors persons: These people need some Natural Supplements in terms of the specific circumstances they face. Some older persons, for example, lose the power of producing vitamin B12, so requires vitamin B12 supplement.

Professional athletes: due to the type of exercise, the duration and intensity of the exercise athletes need more than a normal diet. In this case, the use of Natural Supplements can help to deal with these problems.


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