5 New Corona Virus Symptoms? Do I have Coronavirus?

corona virus symptoms

Important corona virus symptoms questions

The Coronavirus has infected millions of people, killing thousands of people in the world. There are different kinds and Types of Corona-virus coronavirus signs and the symptoms of coronavirus are varied and also is changing. So there can be different questions about corona virus symptoms. So one of the most important questions is do I have coronavirus? Also, what are the symptoms of the Coronavirus? What are the new corona signs? When should I refer to a medical service center if I saw corona virus symptoms.?

The most serious corona virus symptoms

1- High fever

The normal temperature of the human body is 37 ° C. An increase in the normal temperature of the body is fever. The most common cause of fever is believed to be the infection of the body organs. When an organ is infected, our body controls the activity of microbes by increasing the temperature of the body. One of the main symptoms of the Coronavirus, which results in exhaustion and weakening of the body, is fever(1). Like the other corona virus symptoms., it appears at a time of 2 to 14 days after virus entrance to the body(2).

2- Dry cough

The cough is one of the body’s defense mechanisms called reflexes and is caused by stimulation of the nose, throat, vocal cords, and lungs. It is often caused by excessive smoking or a cold, virus, etc. Coughing is important and should be treated soon; because may lead to respiratory issues. Coughs are usually normal, but the continuous dry coughs along with fever, dizziness, and fatigue are the main corona virus symptoms.

3- Respiratory problems & shortness of breath

We can hardly breathe when there is not enough air and it causes shortness of breath. Every coughing and difficulty breathing is not caused by the Coronavirus and has different reasons, such as heart disease, asthma, allergies(3). The shortness of breath which its reason is this virus is lasting and increase by activity, along with the fever, dry coughs, and muscle or body aches.

4- Exhaustion

One common symptom of this virus is severe fatigue(4). This means that a person even with a brief physical activity feels severely overwhelmed and cannot continue to work. In very severe cases, the affected person is unable to move and do normal affairs.

The new symptoms of the Coronavirus

If you want to know do I have coronavirus, the main symptoms of the Coronavirus are high fever, dry coughs, and difficulty breathing. But as it became epidemic, this virus showed new symptoms up, including headache, loss of smell and taste, muscle pain, diarrhea, and gastrointestinal symptoms.

1- Headache

coronavirus sign

Headaches are a pain in the head or the neck, caused by a variety of diseases, such as seasonal disease, allergies, and migraines. So it is a new coronavirus sign. People with severe pain with no previous experience and with the feeling the pressure and burning of their eyes are better to refer to a doctor. This headache maybe is related to the cytokine storm that some patients suffer and it could be framed under the ICHD3 headache of Headache attributed to other non‐infectious inflammatory intracranial disease.

2- Muscle pains

The most common cause of muscle pain is excessive use of muscle. Also, Muscle or body aches are a Coronavirus symptom(5).

3- Loss of smell and taste sense

The loss of sense of smell and taste is strongly associated with infection of the Coronavirus. So it is a coronavirus sign.  Loss of smell and taste is a common symptom of Coronavirus. If a person lost their sense of smell and taste, even with no other symptoms, it means may suffer to Corona.

4- Loss of appetite

coronavirus sign

Loss of appetite may be a coronavirus sign. New reports mention be careful about your appetite, maybe it is an alert for this virus.

5- Gastrointestinal problems

Recent researches suggest that this virus may occur with gastrointestinal symptoms in most cases. It is a dangerous coronavirus sign. Many Coronavirus patients may have gastrointestinal problems such as nausea, vomiting, and, diarrhea(6). These symptoms may found in mild patients, and later the main symptoms of the gastrointestinal have appeared. Be careful about this new corona sign.

3 important points about coronavirus signs

coronavirus sign

1- Most of the symptoms mentioned are the common symptoms of Corona disease with some other diseases. Therefore, if you see the symptoms mentioned above, this does not mean you suffer corona. If you saw mild symptoms, avoid contact with others, and stay in the home quarantine for up to 14 days. But if the symptoms mentioned are severe, refer to the medical centers and pass the corona test.

2- If it is not necessary, avoid going to medical centers, because you may contact a virus infection.

3- Try to observe medical and healthy instructions and Break the Coronavirus chain of transmission. Such as observe the social distance, use a mask, wash your hands regularly, boost your immune system. Prevention is the only way to avoid Corona and corona virus symptoms.

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