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Why there is cheating in saffron?

Many of us have heard the name of Saffron with the scientific name Crocus Sativus, as a popular and valuable herb. Also, there are various products which are produced by this herb such as supplement, tea, etc. Iran produces 95 % of this product in the world, which Saffron Iran has the highest quality of Crocus plants in the world. Saffron is an expensive spice, which costs about $ 1,000 per kilogram. Hence some profiteers are looking to benefit more from the Saffron Threads and cheat in different ways. A variety of cheating types, such as mixing Saffron Threads with foreign materials. In this regard, the quality and benefits of Saffron can be reduced. So it is necessary for us to have a good understanding of the quality of the original Saffron in order to get the best quality. In this article, we introduce 5 important methods of fraud and the ways of identifying the quality of Saffron Threads.

How we can know the Saffron is original?

Those who are professional in the trade of Crocus plants or always use this herb are well acquainted with the Saffron taste, Saffron color, and its aroma. These are important indicators of the quality of Saffron Threads. Especially saffron Iran due to its high quality has a special taste, aroma, and color. There are also indicators for recognizing the quality of this herb for ordinary people. The 5 ways to identify original Saffron are:

  • Aroma

The aroma of Saffron Threads is because of containing an important ingredient calls Safranal. The smell of saffron is nearly gentle and can easily be smelled. A sense of relief from the saffron aroma also spreads. While the low quality of this herb has no or minimum smell. If the saffron is fresh and stores in standard conditions, its taste and aroma are better. Saffron Iran has a very good flavor due to its high quality.

  • Saffron Color

One of the methods of fraud in this herb is using artificial colors to improve its color. These colors are harmful to human health, while it shows the product is not original. If you want to know your product is original, it is best to pour it into hot water. If Saffron Threads are original, its color wouldn’t change. Also Saffron color changes the color of hot water to yellow, which after a while turns to orange. However, the fake product is orange, and its color after a while becomes darker.

  • Saffron taste

The Saffron taste is bitter, and therefore if the taste of saffron is salty or sweet or any other taste, this indicates cheating.

  • Purity 

Some profiteers for more profit, use substances such as sugar water, some oils and … to increase the weight of Saffron Threads. Press the strings between your fingers or a white handkerchief. If you see oil or a special substance on the handkerchief, the strings are not original or pure.

Cheating with Crocus plants similarities

The combination of this plant with Saffron similarities is one of the other methods of cheating. The combination of saffron with materials such as Safflower, maize powder, dried beef threads, and some spices are examples in this regard.

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