Top 17 Best Essential Oil Brands- 2020 updated List

Herbal Oils are natural ingredients that have various usages for human health. These substances are ingredients that produce by plants and herbal medicines. The oils have a strong scent and flavor. These compounds are obtained through distillation, mechanical methods as well as cold-press method. These compounds have various usage in cosmetics, pharmaceutical, perfume, foods, aromatherapy, massage, etc. It has amazing benefits for health, so its usages are increasing rapidly. For buying such products and benefit from its properties, we want to introduce 17 Best Essential Oil Brands. Brands that provide you Best Essential Oils with high quality.


1-     dŌTERRA

dŌTERRA which means the gift of the earth is one of the market leaders of producing and selling in this field. The raw materials of this comp cultivate all over the world. These herbs produce with high quality and with certificates such as ‘Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG)’. This brand is a good choice if you want to benefit from natural oils. Refer to “doterra.com’ to see a complete list of their products.



best essential oil brands



  • Doterra, to enjoy the best essential oils


2-     Young Living

Young Living is one of the Best Essential Oil Brands in the market and has 25 years’ history in this field. The farms of this company spread over various places such as N.America, Europe, Australia, Africa, etc. this company always provides you high-quality products. Try a powerful combination of Clove, Cinnamon bark, Lemon, Eucalyptus Radiata, and Rosemary of Young Living brand.


3-     Rocky Mountain Oils

Rocky Mountain Oils produces high quality and organic products. Blend essential oils as well as single oils for being healthy. The quality of this brand confirms by 100% Guaranteed Satisfaction of Quality (100GSOQ) as well as GC/MS purity test. Refer to their website to read more about their products.


4-     Herbeday

If You are looking for natural high-quality essential oils, oils as well as other herbal products, we offer you Herbeday™. This is one of the Best Essential Oils with various qualified certificates. Various Best Essential Oil Brands with best certificates such as Canada GMP, HACCP, ISO 9001, EU organic certificate, Halal certificate as well as many other certificates. Also, you can trust 100% natural Herbeday essential oils as well as its raw materials which cultivates with observing Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). This important certificate confirms the quality of the products, so you can trust it. You can use these for different purposes such as aromatherapy, massage, supplement. Try Herbeday™ Rose essential oil for relaxing, Lemon oil and orange oil for joy and happiness, Chamomile oil, Saffron oral drop, etc. The complete list of Herbeday essential oils is accessible in “Herbeday.com”.  Many oils with various usages.



best essential oils

  • Herbeday, one of the Best Essential Oil Brands



5-     Edens Garden

Edens Garden produces high-quality oils with therapeutic grade and sourced from around the world. The products of this brand are natural and you cannot find synthetics in their products. Various oils such as blend, single and for kids can be found in their products. You can find their products through Amazon or through their website.


There are also some brands that have high quality and good for usage:

6-      Revive Essential Oils

Revive Essential Oils is one of the market leaders that you can trust their organic certificates for a healthy lifestyle. They do not cultivate their required raw materials, but they work with people native to cultivate and produce their needs.


7-      Plant Therapy Essential Oils

If you are looking for one of the Best Essential Oil Brands with high-quality, we offer you Plant Therapy Essential Oils. Quality that confirms by certificates such as ECOCERT ICO and ‘USDA Certified Organic’. This brand does not use prohibited substances, synthetic fertilizers in their cultivation process.


8-      Artizen Oils

Artizen Oils tries to provide organic products at a good price. They also provide you various products with quality guarantee. You can use the Refund guaranteed option of this brand.


9-      Now Foods Essential Oils

Now Foods offers you Best Essential Oils with certificates such as USDA certified organic and as well as NON-GMO Project verified seal. The quality of this brand is definite and try this brand for its effects and health benefits.





10-   Mountain Rose Herbs

Mountain Rose Herbs brand is an old brand that produces Oils with good quality and organic certificates. But this brand also is expensive.


11-   Art Naturals

Art Naturals is a beauty and American cosmetics company. It especially has a focus on essential oils that are used for beauty, hair, and skincare. This company imports its raw material from all over the world.


12- Aura Cacia Essential Oils

Some of the products of this brand have an Organic certificate, which means high quality. Also, Aura Cacia is guaranteed to be 100% pure and comes with child-resistant safety.


13- Saje Natural Wellness

Saje Natural Wellness provides 100% natural and pure products with organic certificates as well as no additives.


14- Jade Bloom

Jade Bloom brand is a good suggestion for those who are looking for affordable products and essential oils


15- Bel Air Naturals

Bel Air Naturals is a brand that provides essential oils especially for Aromatherapy


16- Plant Guru

Plant Guru company offers 100% organic oils at relatively affordable prices. A brand for those who are looking for Best Essential Oil Brands and Best Essential Oils with high quality.


essential oils for


17- neals yard

neals yard is a UK brand that produces pure products. This company also produces organic essential oil blends. The products are in the field of health and beauty and own organic certificate.

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