Amazing Herbal Vitamin C Supplement

Amazing Herbal Vitamin C Supplement

Acerola is a tropical fruit grown in the India and north part of South America. Also, it cultivates in India. It has a sweet taste and also contains a high amount of vitamin C. Perhaps the most important characteristic of this plant is the richness of vitamin C. It is interesting to know that vitamin C in Acerola is 65 times more than Orange. Hence this fruit uses to make natural and herbal supplements, especially in the production of vitamin C supplements. Acerola Vitamin C supplements are a kind of mentioned supplements.

In the following, we discuss 3 main benefits of this amazing fruit:

  • A rich source of vitamin C

Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant.  Therefore, it is necessary for the health of the body. It affects many parts of the body and maintains its health. The strengthening of the immune system, preserve the health of bones, are two of the properties and effects of this vitamin in the body. The other effects of this vitamin are:

–    Prevent blood clotting and stroke

–    Cancer prevention

–    Increasing the resistance of the body against infections and diseases

–    Disposal of body poisons

On the other hand, vitamin C cannot produce vitamin C in its body and we should take this vitamin by consumption of food. On the other hand, this vitamin is soluble in water and will excrete from the body. Hence, it should be consumed regularly. According to the high importance of this vitamin, it is essential to incorporate it into the daily diet.

To supply vitamin C to the body, one of the most important solutions is the inclusion of rich sources of vitamin C in the diet. The typical examples for these products are orange, sweet lemon, or Acerola. This fruit is also used in dietary supplements because of the high vitamin C content. Acerola Vitamin C supplements can be mentioned as a natural supplement. For example, Ascorphyt Tablet is Acerola Vitamin C supplement.  This product can be used as an integrated vitamin C supplement, with good taste.

Of course, this valuable plant has many other benefits that will be discussed.

  • Acerola, a rich source of mineral

Acerola is rich in many minerals like potassium, calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, vitamins A and Beta carotene. the existence of these elements has contributed to increasing the properties of this fruit. For example, the existence of vitamin K helps in having healthy skin.

  • Skin health

Vitamin C, which Acerola is a rich source of this important vitamin, helps improve skin health in different ways. For example, this vitamin is essential in the making of collagen. collagen is important for the health of the skin. So this vitamin can help maintain healthy skin. It is also effective in maintaining skin water. consequently, its consumption causes an increase in the moisture of the skin.

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