Alternative Health Care VS conventional medicine

alternative health care

Alternative Health Care & conventional medicine

Nowadays, people tendency has increased to use Alternative medicine to cure diseases. So people are turning to Alternative Health Care because of many reasons such as high costs and some side effects of conventional medicine and chemical medicine. Alternative Health Care and Alternative medicine are referred to as a term of treatment method in which conventional remedies and methods are not used. Conventional medicine is a kind of medicine that is offered in health care centers and hospitals, which is based on the use of chemical drugs and surgery. Other therapies that are based on the use of natural methods and natural remedies are referred to as Alternative medicine. The most famous methods of this medicine are massage therapy, yoga, herbal drugs, and medicinal plants, or a variety of traditional medicine, such as Chinese medicine, Iran medicine, Ayurveda, etc.

For example, herbal therapy is based on the use of medicinal plants and herbal medicines and herbal supplements, which are produced and supplied by herbal ingredients such as oils and essential oils which is a kind of alternative medication. Or Homeopathy which the doctor gives a very little dose of the medication to the patient, and by doing so, the natural immune system activates in the body.

 Why Alternative medicine?

Nowadays, conventional medicine is not enough to treat many diseases or it’s cost and its side effects are more than common. However, Alternative Health Care, with different and varied methods, and without side effects and less cost, helps in treating diseases. The absence of side effects, of course, does not mean to be used without knowledge of this medicine. It should be based on prescribed guidelines regarding alternative medication and practitioners. Traditional medicine and Alternative Health Care today does not mean its knowledge is old. In spite, it means using the knowledge of many centuries of medical practice and some powerful ways of treating the disease. Modern medicine and clinical trials confirm some of these methods. It uses alternative medication and alternative methods for treatment.

Some of the reasons for the growth of people tend to Alternative medicine:


according to the researches, Alternative Health Care by using different methods, sometimes is more effective for treating diseases in comparison with conventional medicine.

Lack of side effects

As mentioned, one of the methods of conventional medicine for treatment is the use of chemical drugs. Materials that may have undesirable side effects. However, Alternative Health Care with the use of natural methods and natural medicines has lower no side effects or even no side effects. For example, Herbal antidepressant supplements can cure depression with less or no side effects.

Comprehensive attitude

In Alternative Health Care, the human body and external factors is a single component, and it does not only pay attention to the disease and its symptoms. It uses a more comprehensive attitude to the human body; besides it treats the disease with more accurate control on other factors such as nutrition.

The emphasis on maintaining health and prevention

One of the most important approaches of Alternative medicine is avoiding from the disease. For instance, one of the goals of yoga is the focus on maintaining calm and controlling factors of anxiety. Either in herbal therapy, the consumption of herbal products during the time can maintain natural health.

The lower cost

Sometimes conventional medicine has a high price in diagnosis or treatment phase. For example, the cost of some surgeries is very high, and many people can’t afford it. However, Alternative Health Care is partly with lower cost.

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