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Many people are familiar with the name of Spa. But probably many of these people think that Spa is the same as medical massage. But these people are a little mistaken. Of course, these have similarities and common points, and even the name of the Massage Spa is sometimes used for Spa, but its details are different. If you want to know the difference between Massage and Spa and know more about the benefits of Spa, this article can be useful for you.


What is the difference between Massage and Spa?

The massage definition consists of the rubbing and pressure of the body to soothe and relieve fatigue. And even medical massage therapy benefits can be used to treat some diseases such as joint and muscle diseases. But Spa is a little different from medical-massage. Very simple, the spa consists of providing a massage in water with hydrotherapy. It means hydrotherapy with medical massage therapy. This is perhaps why spa therapy is also called Massage Spa. For some reason, Massage Spa has more advantages and effects than massage therapy because it accompanies the massage with hydrotherapy with the benefits of both.

  • The spa benefits

The healing of the disease by using a spa since ancient times is used in most parts of the world. This massage model, which is also accompanied by hydrotherapy and steam sauna, mainly affects the nerves as well as muscle and bone pain. If Massage Spa is done in mineral water and natural springs, its therapeutic effects and spa benefits increase. The mineral water, as well as the environmental impacts of such places, are beneficial to health.

  • Some of the advantages of Massage Spa and spa benefits

  • Stress relief

Hot water with Massage and Spa, especially in a natural spring, helps to relieve fatigue and stress.

  • Sleep improve

Massage Spa, with the use of water and relaxing the muscles by massage, regulates the heart rate, and relief sense, thereby improve sleep and sleep quality

Blood flow improvement in the body

The medical massage therapy plus hot water with the therapeutic effects of water helps improve the blood flow in the veins and the body. Regular Massage and Spa will have better effects.

  • Relieve pain

Headaches are usually accompanied by stress and anxiety. As a result of healing stress during Massage Spa, it also helps to alleviate such pain.

  • Prevent aging

Massage Spa effectively can prevent the process of aging. Also, there is a model of spa that names Facial spa that is effective to prevent skin aging. Also, other benefits of massage spa, which help relieve stress, are helpful and beneficial to prevent aging.

  • Muscle and joint pain relief

One of the main benefits of the massage and spa benefits is helping to relieve musculoskeletal pain. Hydrotherapy, as well as massage, can ease the pressure exerted by the muscles and joints. Pressure and injuries that occur in sports, or even because of the wrong lifestyle.

  • Benefits of herbal oils in Massage Spa

The usage of natural oils such as Rose oil, Eucalyptus oil, Rosemary oil, lavender oil, and many other oils and essential oils can increase the benefits of massage and Massage SpaIngredients of these oils can multiple the main benefits of Massage Spa.


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