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Best Diabetes diet plan

Nowadays, Diabetes has become one of the health serious diseases or disorders among people all over the world. Diabetes is a kind of diseases which creates because of the lack of Insulin production or non-proper function of this hormone in the human body. Insulin Hormone changes the sugar and starches to the energy. In the diabetics for the non-proper operation of this hormone the sugar blood is more than the standard range and would endanger the human health seriously if it was not controlled. Different reasons play roles in catching this disease such as genetic predisposition, and environmental reasons such as for overweight, lack of physical activity, and non-proper nutrition.

According to the doctor’s reports, Diabetics should pay special attention to their nutrition because it is one of the main reasons for catching this disease. Using foodstuffs which are consisted of Carbohydrates such as the bread, derivatives of cereals, rice, pasta, milk, and different desserts causes blood sugar increase. So using of them should be according to the caution and Diabetes diet plan. On the other side, paying attention to nutrition is one of the main and effective subjects in the field of health, so the foodstuffs should be used according to the diet for Diabetes. Some of the Diabetics thought that the foodstuffs consisted of high Carbohydrates such as bread and rice should be omitted from their diet. But experts believe that diabetics can use these foodstuffs by observing the balance and also do exercises and enough physical activities, so they are able to control their diseases. But don’t think using the diet for Diabetes could do a miracle but also we should pay attention to the other mentioned recommendations.


In this article, some of the foodstuffs which are necessary to be used in the Diabetes diet plan are introduced:


Vegetables and Summer Crops

Vegetables and summer crops besides tasting our diet, for having lots of properties and low Carbohydrates are proper foodstuffs for Diabetics. Vegetables such as aubergine, squash, and onion are examples of the mentioned foodstuffs which can be as the main parts of the Diabetes diet plan. Also, summer crops such as lettuce and cabbage for having low Carbohydrates and different properties can be part of a diet for Diabetes.


Berries Family Plants

These family plants in spite of having a little sugar, for having low Carbohydrates and high fiber can be used as parts of the Diabetes diet plan. Plants such as strawberry and raspberry are members of Berries family plants with suitable properties for using by Diabetics.


Fish and Meat

Foodstuffs which consisted of Protein, in spite of having lots of properties, are not as harmful as Carbohydrates for Diabetics. Among them, the meats which do not have LDL (Low-Density Lipoprotein) are proper options for Diabetics’ consumption. For the meat is full of protein, its using and inserting in the Diabetes diet plan are suitable for Diabetics. Among this group of foodstuffs, consuming meat sources which consisted of Omega 3 is in priority, because Omega 3 is preventing cordial diseases which are epidemic among Diabetics and can be helpful for the health of their hearts. Furthermore, Chrome element which is highly included in the meat causes the proper function of Insulin hormone.

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