Best Green Tea for Weight Loss – Slimming Green Tea

Best Green Tea for Weight Loss - Slimming Green Tea

Green tea is one of the most famous herbs in the world, and we all have heard of it. The famous name of this plant in the first place is because of its numerous health benefits, especially its weight loss effects. If you want to know more about the properties of Slimming Green Tea, read this article. We will also introduce the Best Green Tea for Weight Loss methods of usage in this article and the best ways to benefit from this amazing herb.

  • Green Tea ingredients

the impressive quality of Green Tea is derived from its active ingredients. For example, one of the most important and valuable compounds of this product is caffeine. Caffeine is the main ingredient in green tea, which is responsible for fat burning. Also, the antioxidants in this plant are effective for weight loss. Slimming Green Tea impacts can be effective in different ways. With consuming its tea or extraction, as well as the use of high-quality supplements containing Best Green Tea for Weight Loss.


3 main Mechanism of action of Slimming Green Tea

  • Fat burning

Green tea is a good fat burner and can break lipid cells so can lead to weight loss. This will be done by increasing the effectiveness of some hormones in the body. If you pay attention to natural fat burner supplements, in many of them, you will see some of the most powerful ingredients of Green Tea. Studies also show that athletes who consume Best Green Tea for Weight Loss beside their exercise will have a higher fat burn rate near 20 %. Green tea, due to a substance called Polyphenol. This ingredient can contribute to body heat increase, thereby increasing fat burning, so has a significant impact on weight loss.

  • Increase body metabolism

Another way for weight loss is the increase in metabolism. As a result of this increase, the body will burn more calories, thus resulting in weight loss. One of the effects of this herb is increasing the metabolism in the body so is beneficial for weight loss. Studies on overweight people show that consuming this herb caused weight loss.

  • Appetite decrease

A clear fact is that if you eat less food, you get fewer calories as a result. Therefore, the extra calories in your body are not stored in your body. hence, one of the effects of thin Green Tea is decreasing appetite so can cause weight loss.

  • Green Tea consumption tips

It is necessary to note that only the consumption of this tea for weight loss has no enough ideal effects. You need to exercise at the same time, don’t get more calories than you need and to get the maximum benefit from the effects of this herb. Also, excessive consumption of this herb can be harmful.


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You can benefit from Green tea via different methods. The first way is to use infuse Green Tea and then drink it. Also, there is green tea mixed with other herbs such as Saffron. In addition, there supplements in the form of tablet and capsule that contains the ingredients of this herb. For knowing more about all of these kinds of products, refer to “Herbeday.com”, online herbal store. You can also buy any of the products and Best Green Tea for Weight Loss.


How to benefit most from Slimming Green Tea

– Take regularly 3 to 5 cups of Slimming Green Tea a day

– It is better not to use boiling water to infuse Green tea, because it can remove some of the useful active ingredients of this tea. So, water boiled, wait a bit, and then pour it on the green tea.

– The best time for consumption is about 2 hours after dinner. Because Green tea, such as Black tea, can prevent the absorption of iron in the body. Hence, while consuming this tea 2 hour after a meal, it does not prevent the absorption of iron, as well as make most of this tea, especially for weight loss,

– The use of green tea mix with other fat burners can increase the effects of this tea for weight loss. The mixture of Green tea & Saffron and Green tea & rose are examples of these valuable products for being fitness.

– Green tea supplements are also advisable to benefit from this herb, especially for weight reduction and fat cut.  Usually these supplements Green tea leaves or its extract.


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