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What is Baby rash; how to deal with

The Baby rash is almost a common skin disorder and, of course, painful for newborns. The main cause is moisture. Due to urination and excretion by the infants, despite the intake of a large portion of the moisture by the diaper, always there is a little moisture in contact with the child’s skin. The symptoms of Nappy Rash include inflammation, rash, red skin and …. If these problems do not treat, it can turn into big problems such as fungal infection, especially because the baby skin is highly sensitive to external factors. In addition to methods to prevent child skin inflammation as a serious priority, Nappy Rash Cream is a suitable solution in case of baby skin inflammation (1). Baby has sensitive skin as well as the point that sometimes baby skin protection products can cause sensitization in the baby’s skin. So our advice is to use a natural baby cream as well as natural baby oil, to treat and prevent infants skin burns. In this article, we will introduce you 6 best products as Nappy Rash Cream and baby oil to prevent and treat Nappy Rash.

Prevention and Natural Treatment of Baby rash

Lavender oil is one of the best oils to protect and treat skin problems, including skin inflammations, especially for bay skin. Lavender oil has cooling properties, skin healing effects, anti-inflammation properties and can protect the skin. Massage the baby skin with this oil to Avoid Nappy Rash (2).

Marigold oil has been widely used for skin disorders since ancient times. It has healing properties for the skin. These effects are because of increased blood circulation, as well as increased collagen production in the skin. Also, Marigold is rich in vitamin A. Therefore, this baby oil can treat various babies skin disorders such as inflammation, skin burn, sunburn, etc (4).

Chamomile oil is one of the herbs with anti-inflammation properties. Hence the use of this oil is effective for babies’ skin inflammation treatment, etc. So it can be used as a natural nappy cream.

Almond oil, is a useful oil for skin, therefore is used in various cosmetic products. It is useful to remove various kinds of skin problems such as skin burns, eczema, and …. This oil has some of these properties because it is rich in ZN (5).

Calendula cream, amazing Nappy Rash Cream

Calendula cream contains natural ingredients such as Marigold extract and honey wax. This anti-inflammatory cream or nappy cream is a popular product for skin inflammations. Because it contains Marigold extract, which is a well – known herb for skin inflammations, skin burns, eczema, etc. in adults and, in particular, for babies. It also contains honey wax. Honey wax is also useful to remove skin disorders and repair damaged skin and to increase collagen production in the skin (6).

Herbal Baby cream; best baby skin-care & Nappy Rash Cream

Baby cream is made with herbal ingredients for baby skincare. This cream is very beneficial for children’s skin, such as:

  • Prevention and treatment of dry skin, inflammation
  • redness
  • Keeping the skin softness
  • Prevention and treatment of Nappy Rash (7)

It contains the best-known herbal ingredients such as Marigold, Lavender, Aloe Vera, and Sweet Almonds. Herbs which, each are very beneficial for a child’s skin health. Hence, this Nappy Rash Cream is very valuable for baby skin.

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