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Why Hair Tonic is important?

It should not be forgotten that one of the important factors to show social character is human hair. Recent studies show that not having hair leads to lower self-confidence, depression & hopelessness. We should take care of this organ so can keep them healthy. There are ways in this regard. For example, using hair products, Hair Food such as hair growth vitamins and hair growth oil are examples of Hair Tonic. Especially natural hair products are the best choice for using hair growth products.

Reasons for hair loss

Since men are more likely to have this problem than women. But it is more common in women, which can be due to vitamin deficiency. There are ways to prevent it in men and women.

The most important factor for this disorder in men and women is a hormonal factor that is directly influenced by genetic factors. Androgenetic loss is a common problem among men and women.

1. Physical stress

Physical surgery, flu illness, a car accident, a serious illness, or a horrifying event can affect the cycle mechanism of this organ. So can lead to severe hair loss. It usually occurs between 3 and 6 months after the trauma.

2. Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a physical stress type that can affect this important body organ(1). If you had experienced it due to pregnancy, make sure your regrows in several months is natural.

3. Vitamin “A” overdose

Recent studies show that overdose of supplements containing vitamin A or drugs can be effective in hair fall(2). This problem can be reversible when an overdose of vitamin “A” is stopped.

4.Protein deficiency

If not enough protein in your diet, your body may be able to feed the protein by slowing hair growth. This problem can occur up to two to three months after the protein intake is reduced. Proteins are found in foods such as fish, meat, eggs, etc.

5. Anemia

Nearly one in 10 women between the ages of 20 and 49 has iron-deficiency and anemia, which can be a cause of severe hair fall. Also WHO estimates that 42% of children less than 5 years of age and 40% of pregnant women worldwide are anemic.  By doing blood tests with your doctor it becomes clear that you can use plain iron supplements to treat this type of disorder.

 Other causes as following(3):

  • Nutritional Factors
  • Diabetes disease
  • Adrenal gland diseases
  • Pregnancy
  • Vitamin “A” overdose
  • Inheritance factor (having a male baldness history in the family)
  • Hormones of women
  • Hyperthyroidism / Hypothyroidism
  • Vitamin “B” Deficiency
  • Old age
  • Frequent use of dryer and ironing constantly
  • Indulgence in decolorizing
  • Excessive use of rough brushes, especially round brushes
  • washing and use of shampoos that is not suitable
  • Indulgence in the use of non-standard colors

Effective strategies for prevention

To achieve this objective, the important questions that arise here are: What should we do to prevent falling? What are the effective ways to strengthen and its growth? Which products are suitable for protection? And Many more questions

There are mainly three effective steps to strengthen the hair root. These include:

  1. Avoiding and fix the factors that are harmful
  2. Proper nutrition
  3. Use of strengthening products

The main traumatic factors related to the first category of measures were identified and presented. In the first category, as mentioned, some factors such as stress are avoidable, as well, factors such as genetics or hormonal abnormalities are not avoidable. In these cases, you can try to find a specialist by using special medications to solve the problem. The useful points presented in this study on the second and third methods can be effective.

Nutrition and Hair Food consumption

It needs to know that this organ, like other organs, needs some nutrients, vitamins, and so on to grow/maintain its health. It is natural to get bald if you do not use essential ingredients. Here we introduce some of the main nutrients in this regard. So regular consumption of Hair Food is the first step of Hair Tonic.

1- Protein

Protein is very important in preventing hair from falling and its growth(4). Since protein contains a lot of amino acids for producing creatine. On the other hand, creatine is essential for hair strength(5). So protein-containing ingredients such as meat and dairy should be on the grocery list. Use enough protein as an important Hair Food.


Hair Food


1- Fruits and vegetables

Antioxidants & flavonoids found in vegetables are essential for follicle protection. Therefore, consuming vegetables and foods rich in these elements is important. Take enough fruits and vegetables for a Natural Hair Tonic.

2- Cereals & eggs

Vitamin “B” is one of the vitamins that is used to increase blood circulation in the scalp and good a Hair Tonic(6). In addition, cereals, especially wheat germ, which is rich in “B” vitamins, help its beauty. Currently, wheat germ extract is used in producing products for hair growth products. With these, you need to add cereals to your diet list. Since eggs contain a type of vitamin “B” called biotin. It is important for hair growth and strengthening, and deficiency can lead to falling. In this regard, some doctors prescribe biotin supplements.

3- Flaxseed

Omega 3 is one of those elements that are very important for the health of various parts of the body including hair growth(7). Since flaxseed and fish contain high amounts of omega-3 for the body, using flaxseed and fish supplement are also recommended to strengthen follicles.

4- Nuts

Vitamin “E” is another useful vitamin with anti-inflammatory properties. It is one of the most important hair growth vitamins(8). Nuts such as hazelnuts and almonds are rich in this vitamin. Even massaging the hair with this vitamin can be beneficial. Some protecting products that are used to maintain hair health contain vitamin “E“.

 Use of Hair Tonic products

Currently, we are seeing a variety of products to enhance and promote hair health worldwide. Strengthening products are manufactured and supplied in a variety of natural and chemical forms.

Natural products are produced from herbal ingredients such as essential oils, oils, and extracts. A variety of herbal essential oils, herbal oils with valuable active ingredients can directly contribute to hair health. You can use a variety of cosmetic products, shampoos, and lotions available on the market that contain such products. Useful herbal oils and essential oils include:

1- Jojoba oil

This is a hair growth oil which is rich in a variety of useful ingredients in strengthening, thickening follicles such as Vitamin “A” and “E“.

2- Coconut oil

To use this herbal oil, you have to massage it onto the scalp and wash it after a few hours. The ingredients in this oil may be effective in enhancing hydration, providing some of the proteins, and thickening your follicles. So we suggest to use it as a hair conditioner.

Coconut oil, being a triglyceride of lauric acid (principal fatty acid), has a high affinity for hair proteins and because of its low molecular weight and straight linear chain, is able to penetrate inside the hair shaft. Mineral oil, a hydrocarbon, does not penetrate.

3- Rosemary oil

Rosemary oil is used in cosmetics because of its beneficial properties for skin and hair health. This valuable oil enhances the blood supply to the skin and ultimately may lead to the strengthening of the hair and enhancing the firmness. The antioxidant substances contained in this best hair oil may be effective in preventing the effects of free radicals and preventing damages. In addition, if you have a problem with infection or microbial agents on the scalp.

It is interesting to know that the use of this oil because of its antibacterial properties may eliminate such damages. Massage with this oil may enhance the quality of hair over time. The results of an experiment comparing the Rosemary oil effect with minoxidil drop showed that rosemary oil had similar effects to minoxidil, except that the effect of this oil was more persistent. Rosemary oil can be used in many hair growth products to increase its quality.

Hair Tonic

4- Nigella Sativa oil

Antioxidant substances found in Nigella sativa oil, as the best oil for hair such as thymocyte have numerous properties for this organ. This antioxidant enhances growth by strengthening follicles. So, the nutrients in this oil are also effective in strengthening in this regard. Regular use of this oil as attached and massaging scalp with it can help treat hair falling. Furthermore, fatty acid oils are very effective in treating damages such as dry hair. And the antimicrobial property of Nigella Sativa oil is also useful for removing dandruff.

5- Hazelnut oil

Hazelnut oil, its direct use or in combination with other strengthening products, can help prevent hair fall. This herbal oil is rich in nutrients and vitamins that can be useful. Regular massage with this oil is effective in strengthening and eliminating disorders, especially dry hair. Vitamin “E” in this oil helps to improve hydration.

6- Almond oil

This best hair oil is rich in vitamin “B” called biotin(9), which is prescribed by doctors to strengthen hair and is used in strengthening products. So this vitamin is effective in preventing environmental damage such as sunlight on the scalp. If you suffer from dandruff, Almond oil helps remove dandruff. This oil also can be used as an effective hair conditioner. Don’t forget to use this best oil for hair daily.

7- Castor oil

Consumption of Castor oil for hair prevents thinning and consequently hair falling. Regular massage with castor oil causes it to penetrate into the skin and increase blood flow to follicles. The use of Castor oil for hair as a famous Hair Tonic for a long time ago is common.

Best essential oils for hair growth

Here we introduce 5  essential oils for hair growth and essential oils for hair loss.

1- Rosemary essential oil

Rosemary essential oil as one of the best essential oils for hair loss uses in many hair products, especially in natural hair products. You can also use it in your shampoo.

2- Peppermint essential oil

It may increase blood circulation on the scalp(10) and increases the number of follicles and follicle depth.

3- Lavender essential oil

This essential oil may increase hair growth as well as has antibacterial properties, which are effective for scalp health.

hair growth oil
essential oils for hair growth

4- Lemongrass essential oil

The aromatic essential oil may be effective for removing dandruff very quickly, based on research. You can mix it with your shampoo or massage it straightly.

5- Thyme essential oil

Thyme may stimulate the scalp and as well as fighting against hair fall.

Rosemary essential oil & Hazelnut oil combined with vitamin E

This Hair & Eyebrow Tonic Spray contains Rosemary, Hazelnut, and vitamin E. This product is a good suggestion for hair and eyebrow.

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