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Coronavirus, new dangerous disease

These days Coronavirus is a famous disease and all of us should be careful to avoid this virus. This article discusses what is COVID-19, how to avoid, how antiviral foods and a natural antiviral can be effective, how to break the chain of transmission, how to avoid coronavirus, and everything that you should know about Corona. Also, we discuss is there any coronavirus treatment?

What is a virus?

Viruses are small bacteria made up of a number of genes, which are called RNA or DNA strands, which is the main cause of virus transmission. These pathogens alone cannot reproduce and grow, and for the growth, they need host body cells. It may enter the human body through different types. They will be able to take control of the host body cells and lead to the rapid release of the virus in the body. There are various kinds of viruses. The main famous virus these days is COVID-19 or coronavirus.

What is Coronavirus?


The coronavirus is a large family of types of viruses that also include different species. This spice is heavily able to convey disease to humans. Based on reports, it causes respiratory diseases, such as normal colds to acute and severe respiratory diseases in people. COVID-19 is a mutant virus species that all the people of the world are involved with this virus.

Coronavirus was first discovered in December 2019 in the province of Wuhan, China. People without a certain reason suffered from respiratory disorders. Vaccines and existing treatments were not effective, which ultimately led to the identification of this new virus from the Corona family.

This virus is very dangerous and deadly. As there is no definitive coronavirus treatment, the main way to keep healthy is to break the chain of transmission.

What are the main symptoms Corona viruses?


Symptoms can be like common cold symptoms. But the main symptoms of this virus are severe fever, cough, and shortness of breath, and acute respiratory problems that should be referred to a doctor when having these symptoms.

According to the researches, 80% of patients have gentle signs and the rest of patients suffer from severe respiratory stenosis.

Children and individuals with respiratory problems, heart disease, weakness of the immune system and cancers and immunodeficiency diseases are more prone to this virus.

What are the ways to transmit the Corona virus?

The main way to transmit the COVID-19 is the transmission from people with this virus. The virus is transmitted through cough, sneezing, or speaking through the respiratory droplets. Also, these droplets are spread over the staff of the patients, which may transmit by touching these devices and touching the eyes, nose, and mouth of the person to the Coronavirus.

For this reason, and according to the recommendations, the patient should keep at least 1 to 2 meter distance to prevent transmitting the virus to others.

How to prevent COVID-19 & how to break the chain of transmission?

The best way to prevent the COVID-19 and break the chain of transmission is to reduce the transmission of this virus. so by observing the following points, you can reduce the likelihood of catching and releasing the virus:

1-wash hands

break chain of transmission of Corona

Wash your hands regularly and properly with water and soap, and also during the day and at work and school. You can use solutions and antiseptic gels containing alcohol also. This is very important to break the chain of transmission of the corona.

2-Avoid touching your face

Avoid torching your lips, mouth, eyes and nose with infected hands.

3-Dont Kiss and hug people

As much as possible avoid kissing and hugging each other

4- Be careful about signs

At the time of the incidence, such as cough, sneezing and severe fever, be sure to visit a doctor and stay at home and relax.

5- Use mask


In high-accumulation locations such as public vehicles be sure to use the standard mask. Be sure you know how to use a mask.

6- Throw out your mask

Do not drop the cloth and mask in the environment that can help the virus to be released.

7-Be careful when sneezing and cough

when sneezing or cough, make sure your mouth and nose are bent with the elbow or napkins and immediately drop away the napkins used in safe conditions.

8- Clean surfaces

It is recommended to repeatedly clean your most widely used surfaces and devices with disinfection solutions. 

9- Avoid animals

Animals also can transmit corona virus. Avoid animals to be safe

10- Use cooked foods

Given that some animals host this virus, be sure to consume the meat and eggs in a thoroughly cooked form(1).

11- Avoid travelling

Avoid the trip and travelling when is not necessary, especially for sensitive persons. This tip is important for breaking chain of transmission of Corona.

12- Use antiviral foods

Use antiviral foods, as natural anti-virus can help to avoid Coronavirus(2). It helps your body for better defense against viruses.

antiviral foods

For which persons Corona is more dangerous?

• People with a weak immune system and diseases such as cancer or problems in one of the organs. As well as aids that result in a decrease in the immune system function.

• Patients with dangerous cardiac conditions, kidney failure, liver disease, or diabetes.

• Patients who have asthma or breathing problems.

Does taking antibiotics help prevent good for coronavirus treatment?

Antibiotics are only used with a doctor’s prescription to treat infections caused by bacteria. They destroy or prevent pathogenic and bacteria.

But the COVID-19 virus is a kind of virus and anti-biotic drugs are ineffective on them(3).

Does the COVID-19 have a certain drug for coronavirus treatment?

The best way to cope with a virus is to use a vaccine. But unfortunately, there is no vaccine for COVID-19. There are no anti-virus medications that can kill the virus in patients ‘ bodies.

Considering the recommendations of the international health organization, do not use any drug and antibiotics without the prescription of a doctor. And the vaccine is under construction and testing.

Is COVID-19 the same SARS disease?

The answer is no. COVID-19 is very similar to the acute Respiratory Syndrome virus (SARS), such as respiratory problems, transmission through sneezing or cough, and… But they are not the same. The Corona virus transmits faster than the SARS virus, but its mortality rate is much less than SARS.

What is the incubation period of Corona virus?

Currently, the incubation period of corona virus is about 1 to 14 days(4). This period means the time of disease entry to the patient’s body until the onset of symptoms. However, this amount may be different in different people.

Can we be infected with the animals to Corona?


The corona is large type of viruses’ family, and this virus is transmitted to the same way as the SARS virus and the MERS ‘ viruses through animals. But it has not yet been determined that the Kozor-19 virus is transmitted from which animals. As a result, avoid contacting animals.

How long Corona stay on the surfaces?

The Corona may stay on surfaces from a few hours to a few days. The persistence of a virus is not very high in the air, but it may infect different surfaces. Researchers have found that the persistence of the virus is about 2 hours to 20 days. For example, the virus stays on the cardboard about 24-hour, on the copper surfaces 4 hours, on steel and plastic 2 to 3 days, and on the surfaces of acetyl up to 20 days.

Therefore, one of the best ways to prevent and reduce the prevalence of this virus is the disinfection of different surfaces with alcohol and detergents.

break chain of transmission

Can corona transfer by a mailing package?

As stated, the Corona may stay on surfaces for a few hours and days, and this may vary in different conditions (e.g., level, temperature, or ambient humidity). But the possibility of polluting commercial goods or mailing packets is low by a virus-infected person. Therefore, it can be said that the risk of Corona transmission is very low through postal packages that have been subjected to different humidity and temperature in different conditions.

Use antiviral foods, as natural anti-virus

natural antiviral

Strengthening the immune system and using antiviral foods may also act as a natural antiviral to prevent corona(5). Cabbage for example is one of the best antiviral foods(6),(7), and a natural antiviral. Because this natural antiviral may supply the body’s vitamin C as well as magnesium to improve the immune system. Also, the garlic plant is considered one of the most famous antiviral foods(8). This natural antiviral contains compounds called aloin and allicin that have fantastic antiviral properties. The onion also has antiviral properties because onion contains antimicrobial compounds. There are various antiviral foods and anti-corona herbs for fighting against Corona.

natural antiviral

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