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  • Saffron; amazing spice in the world

Saffron Spice is known as one of the most famous and valuable spices in the world. It has many fans in the world, with surprising qualities and a sweet taste. this product is among the main agricultural products produced in Iran that have been used and consumed in many years. Iran has an appropriate climate for Saffron cultivation, which produces more than 95 % of the world’s saffron. Most of Saffron Spice is exporting to different parts of the world. Although this herb is cultivating in some parts of the world in limited volume, the quality of Iranian saffron is not comparable to anywhere in the world. Saffron Spice is the stigma part of the saffron flower.in addition, because each flower has only three stigmas, it needs a very large number of flowers to provide 1 kg of this product. as a result, the price of the saffron is understandable, according to the production process. However, the extraordinary properties of this product have an impact on its price. If you want to know more about the benefits of this herb as well as if you want to Buy Saffron Online, read this article.

  • Saffron compounds

Active ingredients of Saffron Spice have many properties. Minerals, Mucilages, Cineol, Crocin, Safranal and Picoquine are among these compounds. Each of these active ingredients is responsible for some of the properties Saffron. For example, Picrocrocin, crocin, safranal which are the main ingredient of Saffron, are responsible for taste, color, and its aroma. As a result, these three important ingredients make a significant part of the characteristics of saffron. Picrocrocin is the main substance for saffron taste. Crocin is responsible for its color. Safranal is responsible for its aroma. Also, many of the medicinal properties of these spices are due to the presence of Carotenoids and antioxidants which can protect the body from many harmful factors.

  • Saffron benefits for health

The benefits of Saffron is amazing to health. Nowadays, the various properties of saffron and the effectiveness of its ingredients have attracted the attention of many researchers of medical science. Useful ingredients in this herb, such as a large amount of manganese, vitamin C, iron, potassium, vitamin B6, antioxidants, vitamins and etc. Regular use of Saffron Spice can prevent many physical and mental problems. Also, it treats many diseases. The main properties of saffron for health:

–    Anticancer

–    depression and anxiety treatment

–    Memory booster

–    Libido increase

–    Blood dilution

–    Appetite increase

–    Removal of stomach disorders

–    Prevention of Alzheimer ‘s

–    Treatment and healing of mental disorders and Alzheimer’s.

–    Treatment of respiratory diseases such as asthma, cold

–    …

  • Uses of saffron

These days, Saffron Spice is used in different fields as well as various industries. this application is designed to exploit the properties of this product and also because of using its aroma, flavor, color, and properties.

These applications are:

–    Cooking

–    Use in the food industry

–    Use in the manufacturing of herbal medicine and supplements

–    Use in the manufacturing of natural colors

–    …


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