Can Mothers Milk Tea Increase milk supply? Is it safe?

mothers milk tea

Can Mothers Milk Tea Increase milk supply? Is it safe?

Breast milk is the best food for babies because of its extreme properties. Many mothers emphasize that during the first months of baby life, the infant should be feed only by mother’s milk. But mothers do not always have enough milk for the baby. Lack of milk in mothers is a common concern. There are several issues such as the consumption of some drugs, menstruation, stress, and some other issues that are the reasons for lack of milk in mothers. one of the effective ways to increase mothers milk naturally is using Mothers Milk TeaLactation Tea is a kind of herbal tea that by containing beneficial ingredients, can increase milk supply. According to some reports, if the breast milk tea is consumed following the guidelines and adequately, there will be no side effects. However, it is best to consult your doctor before using breast milk tea. In the following, we introduce 6 best Mothers Milk Tea.


6 best Mothers Milk Tea

  • Fennel Tea, an effective Lactation Tea

A prominent herb to increase the mother’s milk, which is a good option for mothers with milk shortages. According to researches, the consumption of Fennel in different forms can significantly increase the nursing mother’s milk. This Lactation Tea can increase the production of prolactin so it can be effective for the milk supply increase.

For preparing Fennel tea, pour a teaspoon of crushed Fennel seeds in boiled water and wait for 15 minutes. After that, you can drink this Mothers Milk Tea with honey or sugar.

  • Fenugreek breastfeeding tea

Fenugreek is among the most common plants to increase mother’s milk. Even this herb is used in the production of Fenugreek supplement . for increasing milk supply. Fenugreek supplement is a natural supplement to increase the milk. According to the reports, the World Food Centre for Breastfeeding, recommends using Fenugreek to increase milk. The phytoestrogens of Fenugreek seeds stimulate breast milk production so it increases breast milk.

For preparing Fenugreek breastfeeding tea pour crashed Fenugreek in a pot and infuse it with boiled water. Also, you can mix it with black tea for better taste.

  • Milk Thistle

This plant is particularly consumed by nursing mothers in Asia and Europe. If you consume Milk Thistle tea adequately, it has no side effects. You can prepare this Mothers Milk Tea by infusing the leaves of this herb.

  • Nettle tea

Nettles is a good source of vitamin A and K. It is also rich in iron and many types of minerals and vitamins. You can use it as a Mothers Milk Tea to increase milk supply in nursing mothers as well as reduce the frustrations of mothers during the feeding period.

  • Borage tea

This plant is known as a sedative plant. However, it is interesting to know that this tea can also be used as a Lactation Tea. Borage tea

stimulates milk production in nursing mothers.

  • Cumin tea

Cumin helps to increase the production of mother’s milk because it is rich in iron. Mix cumin with black tea to prepare effective Mothers Milk Tea.

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