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What are herbal medicines and chemical drugs?

In general, two types of medicines and supplements are available in the market to treat human diseases and health maintenance. Herbal medicines and chemical medicines. The chemical medicines are known to be produced by the use of chemicals and synthesized substances according to a formulation. However, in the production of herbal medicines and herbal supplements, herbal ingredients and Herbal Plants are used. Industrial and reliable herbal remedies are based on the scientific documents of traditional medicine and modern medicine and also its effects confirm during clinical studies. these products are produced with important certificates such as GMP in different forms of pills, syrup, etc. By using these products, you can have Natural Health with minimum side effects. Also, these products can be used as home remedies for various diseases. Besides, some qualified natural medicines can be used as a holistic medicine for different disease because of their amazing ingredients and effects. The important question now is that herbal drugs are more effective or chemical drugs? In this text, we will discuss and compare these two categories:

Chemical drugs and side effects

Chemicals with some advantages, but consuming them over a long time or in some cases, even short – term use of these products have adverse effects, which can even be more dangerous than the main disease. While herbal drugs containing Herbal Plants and ingredients have a lower side effect, especially if used with a physician prescription.

Effectiveness of herbal medicines

Today, with the advancement of medicine and pharmaceuticals, the use of Herbal Plants for Natural Health has led to the development of natural remedies. Thus, the useful effects of natural ingredients in the production of herbal drugs and herbal supplements have been proved. These products are produced for different purposes such as:

Treatment of simple and acute diseases

 These products have good effects on treating diseases such as colds , headache, digestive disorders, and other similar cases, and can be as good as chemical medicines.

Treatment of Chronic Disease

Some of the side effects and diseases that continue for years can be treated with herbal drugs. diseases such as skin infections, etc. but treatment with natural remedies shows its effects during the time. Also, herbal medicines can be used as home remedies for various health disorders. Also, some herbal products can be used as holistic medicine.


According to an important rule, prevention is always better than cure. Because the prevention has lower cost as well as you will not suffer from pain. Hence, in medical science, health care and avoidance of infection are very important. One of the most important effects of herbal medicines and supplements is prevention via having Natural Health.  However, it is important to know that the effect of herbal products usually appears in the long term. For example, the Ginkgo plant, which is effective in improving the blood flow, has been confirmed by clinical studies. but to benefit from the mentioned effects and having Natural Health for brain and other related organs, the constant consumption of this herb is important.

Health Promotion

Several studies have shown that the use of herbal medicines to improve the performance of various organs of the body is very efficient. for example, some herbal supplements are effective in enhancing the function of the brain, or strengthening of muscles. therefore, the use of these products is effective and beneficial for athletes who seek to improve their performance in competition and exercise.

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