Herbal Medicines – Natural Way for Being healthy


what is Herbal Medicine?

Though many people consider the term herbal remedies equivalent to herbal tea and liquids with a special aroma and taste, the truth is that in many parts of the world, these drugs are produced as pills, capsules, syrup, etc., and in places far from the kitchen, in industrial factories, as an herbal medicine.


Herbal medicine, growing industry

Much of the world’s plant medicine industry, known as herbal medicine, includes millions of dollars in circulation in huge factories with advanced technologies.

Many of the major producers of herbal remedies are actually owned by large pharmaceutical companies. If you go to one of the big herbal medicine factories, you will find that many of their products have an herbal origin(1).

The natural expectation is that the drugs produced in industrial herbal medicine factories are better in quality than the medications that are produced in traditional ways and by simpler technologies. But on the other hand, small producers of herbal medicines also try to produce better quality than industrial herbal remedies. Industrial production of herbal medicines with approve certificates gives the buyer the assurance that herbal remedies have a good health impact.


The Importance of Herbal Medicine

Plant medications and herbal medicine which are naturally derived from medicinal plants and are used to treat diseases locally or regionally. These products are a combination of organic chemicals that may be raw or processed from the plant.

Herbal remedies and herbal medicine have been used for thousands of years and showed its effects, they are still using in the modern and Western world.

The World Health Organization estimates that 80 % of the world’s population uses medicinal plants as a part of their medical care and the annual market(2). USA people tend to use herbal remedies for two reasons. One of the price increase of chemical drugs and the second is welcome to the usage of natural and organic drugs(3).

All herbal medicine is used to treat disease and reduce its symptoms. Traditional medicine uses to plant seeds, roots, leaves, skin, or flowers for therapeutic purposes. The biological properties of these plants have many beneficial effects. There are other factors that affect the quality of herbal medicines. Factors such as the environment that the plant has grown and how the plant is harvested and processed. The ingredients which have used as a raw material or its extracts are used through processes. The result of this work is to produce many products including fatty acids, Steroids, alkaloids, flavonoids, glycosides, and many other useful substances(4).

In recent years, the resistance of microbes to antibiotics, greater recognition of the side effects of chemical compounds have increased. In addition, the environmental pollution of these drugs has increased the interest of people in the use of herbal remedies. But the most important factor that has caused a lot of interest in using herbal medicine, is having no side effects alongside these kinds of products.

Today, medicinal plants that have been the only cure for various human ailments for years have found a replacement, which is chemical drugs. But the effects of some medications and the lack of treatment of some diseases by these drugs cause people to turn back to the same old tradition and use herbal remedies(5).

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