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Being healthy is one of our most important goals in life. Proper nutrition is one of the main factors in preserving and promoting human health. Hence, we need to pay attention to the consumption of foods. At the same time, we should pay attention to the balanced and proper nutrition of the necessary elements which are required for the body. According to scientific reports, about 3 % of people adequately observe nutrition and have a proper diet. Nowadays, modern life and fast foods are becoming more frequent and people don’t pay much attention to proper nutrition which is not fully balanced. One of the main features of proper nutrition is the balanced use of food resources for the body. It is very important to use plants and Herbal Nutrition as well as the use of herbal tonic products and other food resources such as meat, milk, etc.

Also, some people use natural and organic supplements as herbal tonic products to complete their diet. However, the emphasis on the use of plant resources and Herbal Nutrition is important because of its valuable ingredients for the body. In many cases, we can use plant resources to provide essential nutrients such as vitamins and energy for the body. For example, Herbal Tonic products, are substances for improving body energy and are useful for our health.


What is a complete diet?

herbal nutrition
herbal nutrition

A healthy diet is a diet containing the necessary nutrients for the growth and maintenance of body health. As well as the proper functioning of various organs of the body. The diet must have all the ingredients needed for the body. Herbal Nutrition is good complementary nutrition that is safe and effective. Substances such as:

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Grain and beans
  • Protein
  • Fats
  • vitamins and minerals

If you have a balanced diet and using these materials from different resources, especially herbal resources, you can hope for your health. So Herbal Nutrition is very important in this regard.

The goal of a balanced diet is to supply energy and protein with all micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) for health. This point includes any age and also human sex. But sometimes in human life, there are conditions that supply of nutrition may not be provided with a normal diet. In these cases, food supplements and Natural Supplements are the best options to balance nutrition and protect the body and prevent diseases. But using chemical supplements can be accompanied by side effects, on the other hand, organic supplements have no side effects.


Herbal Supplements and organic supplements

organic supplements
organic supplements

Herbal supplements can both improve body health and organ function, prevent various diseases, and in some cases can treat certain diseases.  Herbal supplements are listed in overused above-mentioned groups, so numerous examples are available for this type of product. Due to that herbal supplements are made from herbal sources, their advantage over chemical supplements is their naturalness.  If you need to use such products, we recommend that you make sure the product is natural and use it afterward.  If you believe in vegetarian food or if you are a vegetarian, your priority is to avoid chemical supplements and to consume a variety of vegetarian foods.  On the other hand, herbal supplements are more applicable than chemical supplements and are used in a wide range of needs.  That is, herbal supplements are more common in current markets due to their diverse health benefits.

Organic supplements include a range of different products. In general, these supplements are either combined with a combination of food or by their byproducts and has many benefits. Natural dietary supplements are full of specific nutrients and include active ingredients that help in the digestive or metabolic processes or provide a mix of nutrients and active ingredients. However, you should be aware of their advantages and disadvantages when they consume them. Natural Supplements, such as garlic, Aloe Vera, leaf plants, fish oil, and bran have been used in many parts of the world for centuries.

Different kinds of Natural and organic supplements

These kinds of supplements are offered in every form. You can find them in the form of pills, capsules, powder, liquids, jellies, cream, biscuits, wafer, granules, etc. The packaging of the product depends on the nature of the supplementary food composition. The therapeutic effect of these materials is different. Since these products are made up of perishable foods, food derivatives or food products, herbs and plants, etc. Some examples are as follows:

  1. General powder tonic, to increase energy in athletes and women
  2. Ascorphite tablets. to supply vitamin C
  3. Saffron drops, a supplement to reduce depression
  4. Saffron tablets, supplement to boost memory and prevent Alzheimer’s disease
  5. Supplus Meds contains Echinacea Purpurea extract to boost body immune system
  6. Damask rose Soft-Gel, contains essential oil of Damask rose to relieve stomach & intestinal spasm
  7. Panax Ginseng tablet contains Ginseng extract and is a kind of Herbal Nutrition as well as Herbal Tonic
  8. General Tonic Powder (Nutrient Supplement), which contains Chicory, Fenugreek, Barley, Fennel, Soya beans, Vitamin E is a natural and herbal tonic. Also, it can be named as an organic supplement.


Herbal supplements, Natural products for Herbal Nutrition & health tonic

herbal tonic
herbal tonic

For being healthy, we need to consume foods and get all kinds of necessary substances for the body. vitamins, minerals, protein, etc. These are required for the body and metabolism of cells. If these substances are not consumed, the person is malnourished and risking a person’s life. But some of us may don’t consume some nutrition, or don’t like the taste of some useful foods. Perhaps the best solution for such persons is the use of herbal supplements.

These products can play a helpful and alternative role in our diet. Because these products are extracted from herbs. As a result, it can be a natural resource to compensate for the shortcomings of human nutrition and is also appropriate for those interested in Herbal Nutrition. Even supplements, which are often produced from vegetable and plant extracts, can be used naturally for treatment. It is worth mentioning that these natural products are suitable for those who are vegan and don’t use some natural foods such as meat.

Also, the use of Herbal Tonic products can be beneficial for different persons such as children and athletes. Compounds that can cause an increase in body energy as well as good for a health tonic.


Who needs to use these kinds of products?

Many people of different ages may need to use these products.

1- Children


Children how to suffer from growth disorder may need to use multivitamins and mineral supplements to help improve the appetite and growth of children in a periodic and limited manner.

Puberty: Puberty is one of the rapid growth periods of human life. If we cannot meet the needs of this period through a balanced diet, the use of Natural Supplements for this period is essential. The supplement of iron, zinc, sometimes multivitamins or protein supplements is essential for teenagers who do not use enough food and animal products.

2- Pregnancy and lactation periods

The supplement of iron for pregnancy is essential. For example, a folic acid supplement is recommended before pregnancy. If the mother loses weight during pregnancy, appropriate dietary supplements are also needed. Mothers – feeding mothers, who do not have a balanced diet, need these kinds of supplements to provide milk and to protect their health.

People with special working conditions: People who work at night, people living in mines and far from sunlight need vitamin D and some other kinds of Natural and organic supplements.

3- Seniors persons

These people need some Natural Supplements in terms of the specific circumstances they face. Some older persons, for example, lose the power of producing vitamin B12, so requires vitamin B12 supplement.

4- Professional athletes

due to the type of exercise, the duration and intensity of the exercise athletes need more than a normal diet. In this case, the use of natural and organic supplements can help to deal with these problems.


What are the conditions that we need for dietary supplements?

If people are fully nourished with all nutrients they need, naturally all body’s needs will be met.  However, some people do not have full & proper nutrition, for example, they may not like and eat some foods that contain nutrients that are beneficial to the body. Its result will be a shortage of substances in the body. Usually in such conditions, doctors prescribe some dietary supplements.

Nutritional supplements that most used

Published statistics from worldwide supplements sales figures show popularity. According to current statistics, the worldwide turnover of this product is over $ 200 billion. Using the herbal form is a step in Herbal Nutrition.  The following are some of the supplements that are most used among various supplements available:

1- Vitamins and multivitamins

herbal vitamins
herbal vitamins

The simplest way to compensate for vitamin deficiencies and minerals in the body is to use multivitamins and supplements.  Some vitamins are important, but their deficiency is more visible in the body. For example, group B vitamins such as B6 and B12 or vitamin C are important for body health, especially immune system health.  Should be mentioned, vitamin C is usually most important when we catch a cold.  It is important to consume vitamin D (or its supplements) in areas where less sunlight is absorbed by people. Using herbal vitamins is a priority. Because herbal vitamins are natural with no side effects.

2- Exercise Supplements and to Increase Energy

Naturally, depending on the lifestyle or activity of some people, the need to absorb more energy is felt.  These include athletes, nursing mothers, and pregnant mothers, for example.  These people may need some supplements to increase their energy or compensate for nutritional deficits because of their excess energy.  For example, athletes need excess protein to increase muscle mass, so protein supplements are common. Moreover, caffeine supplements are effective in increasing body energy.

3- Omega 3 and 

Omega 3 and 6 are in the group of unsaturated fatty acids that are beneficial for health. It is not possible to make these fatty acids in the body, so it is important to include them in the diet. The most important properties of omega-3 and 6 are to maintain heart, bone and eye health.  Fish and flaxseed are rich in omega-3 and 6. All kinds of omega-related supplements are made from these two valuable nutrients.

Risks of overdose about nutritional supplements

Sometimes, naturally, some of the important nutrients in human nutrition may not be sufficiently absorbed. So you need to consume supplements to eliminate them.  For example, calcium, which helps maintain bone strength, may not be sufficiently absorbed in the body due to the low consumption of foods such as dairy and some grains. In such circumstances, calcium supplementation is needed. Moreover, zinc, which is effective in hair health, should be used by taking supplements if it is deficient in the body.

Since, supplements consumption in a variety of models, such as vitamin supplements & minerals are beneficial to the body, but their over-consumption has risks and side effects for the body.  For example, overuse of mineral supplements or vitamins can lead to intoxication, so, this is also doubly true for vitamins made in the body.


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