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Herbal tea is a drink that is made from a part of the herbs, such as part of the flower, leaf, stem, root, seed, fruit, or other parts of medicinal plants that can be soluble in water. Infusing is the most common and oldest method of using herbal teas. The method for preparing Herbal tea is that first you properly crush the herbs, then put it within 3-5 minutes in boiled water in a closed container. It is better to blend it and then filter it. Herbal tea also can be prepared from a combination of different herbs. Some of these blends have great taste and also amazing health benefits. But these combinations should be done by experts because maybe it can harmful effects and adverse effects on the health.


In recent years, Herbal tea has been welcomed and consumed by people. This has different reasons. Some are using the Herbal tea for therapeutic benefit. Some use it to diversify the daily drink, and sometimes people use it as a luxury drink for catering to guests.


Vegetarian decoction

In Herbal tea, you crush the herb and pour it in hot water. But for preparing a vegetarian decoction, you should boil up the herbs in boiled water. For different herbs, you should choose a special way. For some of them, Herbal tea is better and for some, the vegetarian decoction is the best way for keeping its benefits.

While Herbal tea has a natural origin and fewer complications compared to chemical medications, the overdose of some of these plants can cause unwanted effects. Therefore, the use of Herbal tea as well as chemical medications, you should be aware of their mechanism of action and know how to use it. Especially in the case of children and elderly, these plants need to be used more cautious.


Herbal Tea for Pregnant Mothers

Pregnant mothers or lactating mothers are permitted to use Herbal tea only after consultation with the doctor. During pregnancy, many plants can be harmful.

Herbal tea can be made as a tea bag, dried herb or dried fruit, fresh plant or cold tea (with ice). The way of preparing cold tea is like an ice-free type, except that the amount of boiling water that is spilled on the plant is nearly a quarter without ice and the solution is denser. After pouring boiling water, the solution has been blended several times and is left behind in a container for a while. When the liquid loses its heat, the liquid is poured from within the container into a glass containing the ice. In case of the use of a fresh plant, the tea appears to be more beautiful, but in terms of the medicinal properties, dried plants have much more properties than the fresh plant.

Herbal tea and vegetarian decoction are drinks that often people use them in the times when they have a certain illness and suffer from pain, or stress, anxiety, and stress. After all, most of the tea can be spent on a day like tea. Herbal tea shouldn’t be used only for treating a disease, also it can be used as supplements and for preventing disease and disorders.

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