How to Increase Blood Flow? 11 Herbs for Circulation

how to increase blood flow

Why blood circulation is so important?

Blood circulation is one of the critical processes in the human body. The circulatory system with the centrality of the heart is responsible for the transport of oxygen and nutrients to all tissues of the body, as well as the return of deoxygenated blood to the heart and then the lungs. So It is clear that blood circulation and heart blood flow are very important. Circulation Problems or any disorder in blood flow through the heart and the body can cause many diseases. Heart problems, organs failure, stroke, varicose veins, and renal failure are examples of poor heart blood flow. Therefore, the answer to the question of How to Increase Blood Flow is Important. There are some natural ways to help better circulation (1) & (2). A good way is to use foods and herbs that are useful to improve circulation. In this article, we introduce 7 herbs that are effective to improve circulation and increase blood flow. If you want to know how to improve blood circulation, this article can help you. Circulation problems are dangerous if not treated.

How to Increase Blood Flow by herbs?

1- Green tea

Green Tea is rich in antioxidants which may be helpful to improve circulation. You can increase blood flow by drinking Green Tea(3) as well as enjoying its taste.

2- Garlic

improve circulation

This valuable plant with different mechanisms can improve circulation. The important active ingredient of Garlic which calls Alicine. Garlic helps to dilate vessels so it is effective to prevent vessel blockage and cardiovascular disease. Also, Garlic prevents the accumulation and activation of platelets in the vessels. Therefore, the best answer to the question of How to Increase Blood Flow is the consumption of Garlic. If you don’t like the smell of Garlic or its taste, Garlic tablet or Garlic syrup can be a good choice. It is among the best supplements to improve circulation. Use this herb regularly to get rid of Circulation problems.

3- Cottonseed

Omega-3 is one of the most important and useful fats for the body. The consumption of omega-3 helps to smooth vessels and prevent vessels from being hardened and blocked by plaque(4). Also omega-3 decreases triglyceride in the body. Hence because cotton seeds are rich in omega-3, regular consumption of these seeds or its Cottonseed supplement may be useful for body health, especially for blood flow through the heart and body. Also, the consumption of foods such as fish that is rich in omega 3 is helpful to prevent Circulation Problems. As noted, Omega 3 is suitable for circulation. Fish is the best source for omega-3 and is rich in this valuable element. We recommend you to use regular fish in your diet. If you do not have an interest in consuming fish, supplements produced using these sources are recommended to you. If you are looking at how to improve blood circulation, use omega 3 regularly.

4- Pomegranate

heart blood flow

Are you searching How to Increase Blood Flow? don’t forget Pomegranate. This valuable fruit is rich in antioxidant that its usage may improve blood flow(5). Also, Pomegranate is beneficial for reducing blood cholesterol, thereby improving circulation. According to a study, the consumption of pomegranate extract contributed to better function of the body’s blood vessels as well as blood flow increase(6). The consumption of Pomegranate or Pomegranate juice and even the Pomegranate supplement is one of the best answers to the question of How to Increase Blood Flow. It is one of the best supplements to improve circulation.

5- Oranges and citrus

Vitamin C consumption may increase blood flow. Hence, consumption of Orange as a good source of vitamin C helps better blood flow and preventing Circulation Problems. According to the point that Orange is not always available, it can be a good option to use Orange oral drop that produces buy using the natural essence of orange peel.

6- Ginger

Ginger contains 2 antioxidants, gingerols, and zingerone, which may help lower high blood pressure and improve blood circulation(7). Ginger can be used as a Ginger tea or spice as well as a tablet. 

7- Ginkgo

heart blood flow

Ginkgo is a medicinal plant that is produced and consumed especially in Eastern Asia with various benefits. Consumption of this herb or as Ginkgo supplement may be beneficial through vascular expansion as well as preventing the accumulation of platelets in vessels. So use this herb to improve blood circulation and prevent Circulation Problems. You can use natural supplements to improve circulation that contains this herb.

Mayoclinic reports the most helpful components of ginkgo are believed to be flavonoids, which have powerful antioxidant qualities, and terpenoids, which help improve circulation by dilating blood vessels and reducing the “stickiness” of platelets.

8- Cayenne pepper

This spice or herb has a Capsisin active ingredient that is useful for strengthening vascular and improving blood flow in the body.

9- Turmeric

Turmeric is a valuable medicine component with numerous health benefits. Studies show that the active ingredient of curcumin may has anticoagulant activities, which creates the valuable effects of this plant, is effective, and useful in preventing the clotting of blood platelets.

10- Coconut oil

Coconut oil contains useful and healthy fats, which can be useful for vascular inflammation. Hence, taking it is useful for improving blood flow.

11- Olive leaves

improve circulation

improve circulation[/caption]

Why olive leaves are useful for heart health and blood circulation? This plant has 3 main effects. Olive leaves and are rich in antioxidants. So, it can be effective in the reduction of blood pressure, improving vascular dilatation, and calcium channel blockers. Also, studies have shown that Olive leaf extract controls blood cholesterol and blood sugar. Besides, base on other researches, Olive leave extract has a good effect on the treatment and prevention of Arterial arthritis. It means it may prevent the narrowing of the vessels. The Olive tablet which is made from olive leaves extract is an easy way to benefit from this plant

How to improve blood circulation; Natural methods

1- Consumption of beneficial vitamins

supplements to improve circulation

Some vitamins are useful and effective for the blood flow. It is therefore important to consume foods that contain these vitamins. To improve blood flow, you must use foods that are rich in vitamins C, B and E(8). These foods include milk, cheese, eggs, chicken, vegetables with green leaves, citrus, soybeans, and nuts.

2- Reduce salt intake

Salt intake should be sufficient because high consumption of it has a great disadvantage to health. One of the negative effects of high salt consumption is its effect on blood circulation. This is because high salt in the body causes hardening of the arteries. As a result, any factor that causes the loss of the quality of the arteries can cause the blood flow in the body with impairment.

3- Regular exercise

Regular exercise is an important factor in maintaining the health of the body. It is effective in blood circulation. Mild aerobic exercises and increased heart rate can be useful. Increase blood circulation a well as heart blood flow by Regular exercise.

4- Massage

Massaging the body causes the dilation of blood arteries in the body to improve blood flow. Also, a sense of relaxation caused by massage can be beneficial to circulation. The use of herbal oils and essential oils are also useful and effective for increasing the effect of massage and circulation. Increase blood flow by massage.

5- Iron Intake

Iron is the main component of hemoglobin production, which is an important component of blood and blood cells. Hence, the consumption of adequate amounts of iron causes the body to build blood and improve circulation. You should use foods that are rich in iron and contribute to the bloodstream, such as spinach or red meat. It should also be noted that the amount of iron consumed should be sufficient. Because it is taking too much, has negative effects on the heart’s cardiovascular system.

6- Avoid stress

Stress is among the main factors causing many diseases and disorders in the body. So, reducing stress and relaxation improves blood flow in the body. Increase blood circulation by getting rid of stress.

7- Consume a sufficient amount of water

Water in different ways can improve blood flow. Among these effects is the excretion of toxins from the body. Also, water consumption may increase the level of oxygen in the blood.

8- Avoid smoking and alcohol

The consumption of alcohol causes blood vessels to become stiff and thus causes a disorder in circulation. Also, consumption of high alcohol levels can increase blood pressure. Also, smoking increases blood pressure and disorders in circulation. In addition, smoking increases blood concentration. Blood thickening is among the causes of blood circulation. Avoid smoke and alcohol to increase blood circulation. 

9- Proper diet

It is necessary to consume beneficial food and avoid consuming foods that are harmful to circulation. Consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables is important for health. Oranges, lemons, and other citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C that causes natural thinning of the blood. Taking this tasty snack, may make the capillary walls more powerful and inhibit the poor blood flow in the body. Watermelon is also another fantastic fruit. This summer fruit is rich in lycopene and antioxidants that are associated with improved blood flow. Diet surely is very important to increase blood circulation.

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