Impressive Lactation Supplements – 6 Breast Milk Herbs

lactation supplements

What are Lactation Supplements

Breast milk is considered as beneficial and important nutrition and food for newborns. The mother’s milk is considered to be the main food for infants in the first six months of the life of newborns and as complementary food until the age of 2. The problem of milk shortages is common in many nursing mothers. It also causes the mother’s discomfort to deal with the problem of feeding babies. Mothers need to take adequate foods and nutrition in the first place to increase the amount of milk. It is essential to receive a variety of essential body nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, etc. The use of breast milk enhancer foods and herbs can also be helpful and beneficial. For easier consumption, Lactation Supplements also are a good choice for milk increase. The natural and herbal Breastfeeding Supplements are the best supplements for nursing mothers, because of fewer or no side effects and its good effectiveness.

In the following, we introduce 6 best milk increaser herbs, as well as amazing Lactation Supplements that can Increase Breast Milk Production.

Useful herbs for Breast Milk increase


Fennel is a spice that is used in food cooking. This medicinal plant, along with many properties for health, can have a significant effect on Breast Milk Production. It is a famous and effective herb for milk increase. Fennel supplement increases the production of mother’s milk through the effect on hormones such as estrogen and prolactin. The use of the active ingredients of the fennel in the production of Lactation Supplements or Breastfeeding Supplements is a good choice.


Fenugreek is one of the most famous herbs for increasing the milk of nursing mothers. Fenugreek for breast milk increase is effective. Fenugreek supplement increases Breast Milk Production due to some hormonal materials that act like estrogen hormone. Hence Fenugreek for breast milk production is useful. It also increases and stimulates appetite, which can increase the secretion of milk and increase the appetite of the mother to provide more nutrition requirements and food intake by nursing mothers. This herb uses in the production of Lactation Supplements or Breastfeeding Supplements.

Wheat bud

The wheat bud is a rich source of vitamin E, and imbalance of the hormones in nursing mothers, and increase blood production in the mothers and thus increase the production of breast milk.


Cumin is one of the spices that uses in cooking as well as herbal medicine production. This aromatic seed is an effective way to increase mothers milk. Cumin helps to increase the production of mother’s milk because it is rich in iron. Besides, it helps to provide the mother’s needed energy for breastfeeding. The Cumin supplements besides the milk increase effects also help prevent flatulence of infants. So Cumin supplement(قطره زیره) can be used as a Lactation Supplements, as well as for other benefits of this seed.


Spinach is food and vegetables and is rich in vitamin A as well as iron. These two useful materials are effective in producing mother milk. Thus, regular consumption of this vegetable is beneficial in the diet of nursing mothers.


This amazing seed contains Omega 3 which is Important in the mother’s diet to improve milk production. One of the ingredients of lactation cookies is Flaxseed. Lactation cookies have ingredients that help to increase breast milk. Also, Flaxseed supplement is a choice for omega 3 supply.

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