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Herbs have plenty of uses, and you can use them to treat many diseases and health problems. Many times, people think chemical drugs have more influence than herbs. But they are unaware that these drugs have a lot of complications, which will plague them a long time later. However, it is sometimes necessary to use chemical medications and herbal remedies have little use in these conditions. The best way is to use Herbs as prevention agents before going through multiple diseases.

Herbs can also be used in addition to medicinal purposes to improve the flavor of different foods without being added calories. At the same time, herbs also provide many health benefits. In fact, herbal remedies have been used for treating various diseases for thousands of years. Recovery and repair abilities of different types of herbs are highly known and well-known.

History of human use of Herbs

The history of treating diseases with herbs is as long as the date of human life on Earth. In the experience, humans are treated with the help of these products naturally throughout the lifetime of the Earth. medicinal plants grow in the garden of God. In plain fields, extensive pasture, forests and … are found. No one has been planted, and none of them have been watered by anyone. It has been in the life cycle for thousands of years.

Relationship of herbs and disease

Every soil and every climate is the bed of a variety of medicinal plants. So everything is not everywhere, and its philosophy is that, where there is a disease, there is certainly the kinds of herbs for its treatment. On the other hand, all plants do not grow in a particular season. No one has yet searched the relationship between the spread of the disease in a season or time and abundance of medicinal plants. But we know that many diseases are spread in a particular season, and some known and unknown medicinal plants are abundantly found in the same season.

Major ingredients of herbs

Each material found in a plant has a certain role in the plant. Ingredients can be used in plant construction to perform vital functions. The Ingredients can contribute to the structure of the physical and chemical properties of the plant.

– Aroma oils: These compounds are, appetite stimulant, anti-septic, anti-pain, anti-bloating and etc.

– Alkaloids: The kinds of drugs, including morphine, codeine, and cocaine are a kind of Alkaloids. Each of these materials plays a specific role in treating diseases.

– Protein: protein substances create by amino acids. Half of these compounds are not able to synthesize by the human, and must be entered into the body by plant and animal nutrition.

– Bitter substances: Many plants have a bitter-tasting flavor like Chicory, which has medicinal properties. Non-toxic substances are the stimulus of appetites, and stimulating variety of organs for more activity, like the liver and gall bladder.

– Flavonoids: Flavonoids are an effective material found mainly in excellent plants that neutralize the toxins in the body.

Tannins: ،These materials have anti-pain effects and cleanse and strengthen the gums.

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