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Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea causes a slight increase in estrogen levels that can help prevent hormonal problems and cleanse the skin from acne. Also Peppermint tea has extraordinary therapeutic properties such as the ability to remove women disorders such as high hair growth in women.

The ancients people were aware of the medicinal value of the Peppermint tea and used it as an herbal medicine. And today, modern scientific research has shown many benefits along with the application of different parts of Peppermint, including aromatherapy, local and orally usage. For example, Peppermint tea has a high value in the treatment of digestive disorders.

Peppermint tea because of having Menthol, it has anti-bacterial properties and reduces the accumulation of microbes in the mouth. It is why that Peppermint tea keeps mouth clean and smelling good for a long while. It also has antibacterial and freshener properties.

Peppermint tea contains anti-bloating ingredients, meaning that nausea and vomiting are reduced even by inhalation of Peppermint perfume. It also reduces the symptoms of diarrhea, constipation, as well as drinking Peppermint tea has this effect and reduces symptoms of diarrhea, constipation and gas.

Peppermint tea is great to relieve stress because it is known to has a muscle soothing properties due to having Menthol. Also it makes a more peaceful sleep, so drinking peppermint tea before bedtime brings quiet sleep to the person.

Peppermint tea increases the concentration of the senses. In addition to this, aroma of Peppermint is even more important than the use of the Peppermint tea. Because the aroma of Peppermint can stimulate the Hippocampus, which is the center of the brain’s memory.

Peppermint tea can definitely help reduce weight because it is inhibitor of the appetite, and the natural taste of Peppermint is and can be a good dessert and helps you in healthy diet.

If a combination of Peppermint tea and green tea is used as a tea in the morning, it accelerates body metabolism, so green tea consumption and peppermint tea together cause weight loss.

Temple massage with Peppermint oil causes relief from migraine pains, and is used to relieve the irritation of skin. Also Peppermint can relieve pain in various parts of the body by massage with it.


Despite all the benefits and properties of Peppermint tea, it has to be noted that Peppermint tea can also have side effects. Some people are especially sensitive to the Menthol; hence, some people feel a mild burning sensation after consumption.

To prepare Peppermint tea, add a spoon of dried peppermint leaves to a cup or glass of boiled water and then add a cap on it. Peppermint tea will be ready after 10 – 15 minutes.

With Peppermint tea, it is possible to use green tea to increase its properties and benefits and also you can use it a bit of honey or sugar for better taste. In order to relieve the pain and decreasing appetite, drink the Peppermint tea for half an hour before lunch or dinner.

Peppermint tea consumption is not recommended for people suffering from gallbladder stone. In addition, Peppermint tea consumption for pregnant and lactating women as well as children under the age of two is banned.

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