Rosebuds Tea – 100% Natural Drink as Remedy


Rose herb with scientific name Rosa Damascene, is one of the most important aromatic species in the Rose family. It is cultivated because of its valuable and unique properties in different regions of the world. Countries like Iran, Bulgaria, Turkey, and India are among these countries. But according to some reports, the origin of this plant is the Middle East and the Iranian state that has been cultivated for many years in this region. Its main reason for the popularity of this plant is its various properties for human health. Consuming Rose Tea is one of the common ways to benefit from the properties of this plant. Rosebuds Tea can be a remedy for many of your health disorders. In this text, we will introduce 5 impressive health benefits of Rose Buds Tea.

  • Rosebuds Tea, to deal with period cramps

Regular consumption of this tea affects the reduction of PMS women. Rosebuds Tea can also regulate the period in women, as well as lowering its intensity, so lead to lower pain of period cramps. It is worth mentioning that this tea can also affect the increase in sexual desire, especially in women who are cold in terms of sexual desire

  • Dealing with the cough and cold

Rosebuds Tea has disinfectant properties and prevents the infection and intensification of infection … Hence, it can be a good option to counter, especially in the cold days of the year.  Rose Buds Tea has valuable anti-inflammatory properties and can deal with germs and infections. These properties are due to the existence of valuable materials and elements in this plant, such as vitamins, bioflavonoids, vitamin C, etc. The use of Rosebuds Tea is also suitable for treating a variety of respiratory problems caused by the cold and is beneficial for treating respiratory ailments. On the other hand, consuming this tea can treat fever and reduce body temperature in cases of inflammation and cold.

  • Constipation treatment

Rosebuds Tea consumption due to its anti-bacterial properties causes the removal of digestive tract infections while balancing intestinal activity. On the other hand, this herb has laxative effects, and the consumption of its tea can be effective for removal of constipation, gastroenteritis (stomach inflammation) and similar digestive system disorders

  • Strengthening the immune system

Rose tea is a good source of vitamin C. This vitamin also plays an effective role in strengthening the immune system and coping with a variety of diseases. Our advice for being healthy and strengthen the immune system is the regular consumption of Rose Tea.

  • Rose Buds Tea preparation

For preparing this at home, you can use dried rose petals and benefit from its benefits. You can also use other herbs in combination with dried rose petals, such as green tea and saffron to increase its benefits to health. Green tea and Rose or Saffron tea with rose, which it’s teabag also are available in the market, are extremely beneficial for health. For buying any instant rose tea or rose tea bags, you can refer to “Herbeday.com”, as an online tea store and herbal store.

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