7 Important Surprising Benefits of Rosemary Plant

Rosemary Oil


Rosemary has been known for its medicinal properties from ancient time in the world. It knows as an effective cognitive stimulus and is useful for improving memory and mental concentration. It is effective even to increase the activity of brain waves and protect against nervous disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease. In a study published in the Journal of Health Progress in 2012, researchers found that exposure to Rosemary aroma could improve the cognitive functioning and temperament of a person.

A 2003 study published in the International Journal of nerves (International Journal of Neuroscience) also showed Rosemary properties for memory enhancement.

Add a couple of three drops of Rosemary oil or pour it in the incense and inhale the aroma of the Rosemary oil.

You can also drink Rosemary tea made from fresh or dried leaves. To prepare this tea, add one teaspoon of this herb to a cup of hot water, cover the cup and allow it to brew for five minutes.

The health benefits of Rosemary:

It stimulates the flow of blood

rosemary is an excellent plant for improving blood circulation. This herb helps to provide vital nutrients to all vital organs and increases metabolic activities in the body. Drink Rosemary tea regularly to improve blood circulation. If your hand’s ad feet are often due to poor blood circulation, massage them constantly with rosemary oil.

To cope with stress and anxiety

A sweet Rosemary aroma calms the mind and causes you to get free from stress. Its soothing nature helps loosen the contracting muscles.

In a study published in a journal, researchers examined the effects of inhalation of this oil on mental sensations and the activity of the nervous system. They found that exposure to it for about 1 hour helped the participants feel more watchful and happier. To combat stress and anxiety, add some Rosemary essential oil to your aerator.

Soothing the headache

The anti-inflammatory and anti-pain is the properties of Rosemary. Therefore, it can help in treating headaches. This herb can even help reduce the pain and severity of migraine. Simply massage your forehead with a few drops of rosemary oil. Even smelling the aroma of this herb has soothing effects. For the headaches with nasal congestion, add a few drops of this oil to hot water and inhale the water, with congestion or a cold.

Causes Hair Growth

This extraordinary medicinal plant also stimulates hair growth. It improves blood circulation in the scalp, causing more nutrients to reach the hair follicles and develop hair growth.

A study published in the journal of Archives of Dermatology notes that aromatherapy, another rosemary property, can be used to cure regional baldness. Moreover, its antibacterial properties cleanse the hair gently and prevents the itching and dandruff.

Add fresh rosemary to 2 to 3 cups of hot water and allow it to pant for 15 minutes. Then let this liquid to cool down. Then, use it several times a week for washing your hairs.

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