Tranquilizer Drugs – Herbal Sedative, Best Alternative

Maybe you had experienced stress, anxiety and sleep disorders. This issue becomes worse when the disorder continues a long time. In these situations, one of the options that people are tending to use, are Nowadays Tranquilizer Drugs, a variety of chemical pills that are available in the market. While the use of chemicals to relieve anxiety can temporarily calm you and have a pleasant sleep for you, but you have to consider that each of these drugs has their own effects, and therefore it is better to use it with a doctor’s prescription or use a natural Sedative. In this article, we introduce you some of the main Tranquilizer Drugs that are available in the market, some of their effects and side effects, as well as alternatives.

  • Diazepam

The drug is an anti-anxiety and sleep aid product for people with mental disorders as well as sleep problems. It has a lot of consumption and popularity among the Tranquilizer Drugs, but people who use it constantly become addicted to it. Also, you may feel sleepy during the day.

  • Triazolam

It is a Sedative medication that has anti-anxiety and soothing effects and is also used to treat insomnia.

  • Buspirone

It is a Sedative drug, which includes the treatment of symptoms of anxiety. Cases such as fear and tension are among these effects. The drug is prohibited for people under 18, because of its side effects.

  • Zolpidem

It has a soothing effect on the brain and is effective in treating sleep disorders. But this drug can cause confusion and drowsiness. Also, it should be used by the prescription of a doctor, because of its adverse effects.


Herbal and natural products, best alternatives for chemical Tranquilizer Drugs

Various forms of chemical Tranquilizer Drugs have been used to treat depression and sleep disorders over the years. The mentioned pills are examples of the most famous cases of these drugs. but due to the need for long – term use of these drugs, people are usually affected by unwanted side effects. therefore, the consumption of these products is not recommended in the long term. Because on the one hand, the long-term consumption of these products results in a reduction of its effects. On the other hand, complications such as addiction, restlessness, forgetfulness, and even depression, are unwanted harmful effects of chemical Tranquilizer Drugs.

Hence, if you are suffering from sleep disorders or anxiety and depression and also, you don’t want to use the chemical substances, our advice is to use a natural Sedative. Herbs have been used for many years and have excellent effects. At the same time, these products have no side effects. These products also are using different kinds of pills, syrup, etc.

can is available in the market. For this reason, over the last few years, extensive researches have been done on producing natural anti-depressants and sleep aid products by using medicinal plants. Some effective herbal medicines and supplements are available in global markets. People who feel depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders, can use these medications. Herbs such as saffron, Rose, valerian, Lavender are prominent examples of these herbs and the plants that their ingredients are using for the production of herbal antidepressant.

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Rose Essential Oil (Antidepressant)

Tranquival Tablet (Sedative)

Tanacetum Extract (Anti Migraine)

Lavender Essential Oil

Lemongrass Essential Oil

Saffron Extract (Antidepressant)

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