What is Ocular Migraine? Eye Migraine Can Be Treated?

ocular migraine
  • What are migraine and different migraine types?

Migraine is a disease that is often known as a headache or a constant headache that occurs intermittently. Although the disease has other symptoms, such as sensitivity to light, sound, nausea, etc. These symptoms which also call migraine aura can disrupt a person’s life for hours or even more. Some researchers believe that infected people are more prone to a stroke due to the rupture of the arteries. There are several migraine types, which each has different characteristics and symptoms. A variety of migraine types include Ocular Migraine, Hemiplegic migraine, basal artery migraine, menstrual migraine, abdominal migraine, vestibular migraine, chronic migraine. Eye Migraine which usually occurs in older people is a kind of migraine headaches so that affects the functioning of the brain and the nerves, and reduces the visibility. If it is not being treated it can be dangerous. In this article, we want to discuss more Ocular Migraine or Eye Migrainemigraine aura, etc.


  • What are the symptoms (migraine aura) of Ocular Migraine?

Some of the main symptoms of Eye Migraine are:

– Vision disorders such as lack of transparent vision, or even temporary blindness, and a gradual narrowing of the vision (The most important difference of this type of migraine, with other migraine models, are vision disorders).

– Headaches and constant headaches, which may continue for hours and even a few days.

– Pulsed headaches

– Sensitivity to light and sound

– Nausea

  • Why Ocular Migraine occurs

The reason for Migraine occurs is not known precisely. But according to researches, the spasm of blood vessels in the eye, as well as changes in the nervous system of eyes, are probable reasons.

Treating Eye Migraine

There are some solutions to prevent Ocular Migraine. Tips such as avoiding stress, proper sleep, no smoking and alcohol abuse, avoiding the factors that stimulate Ocular Migraine such as noise, etc.

Also, there are some drugs and medicines for migraine relief and treatment. Chemical drugs mainly include pain killer pills like aspirin. Also, some herbal remedies have been produced by using herbal active ingredients, which are beneficial for treating and relieving migraines. There are various herbs for Migraine . For example, there is an herbal nasal spray that calls “migraine cut”. Special properties of migraine cut especially containing natural compounds such as Lavender, Fennel, Sweet Violet (Viola odorata) and some other natural compounds are effective for a migraine cure. These herbs with headache and migraine relief properties provide a special remedy with a specific formulation. Also, there is another useful product to deal with migraines. Tanacetum oral drops with anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe migraine and reduce the frequency of migraine attacks.

  • Is it necessary to refer to a doctor for Ocular Migraine?

Be aware that if you suffer from eye migraines for a long time, you should refer to a doctor and have a checkup. Since there is a little worry that you may have a tumor, or suffer to permanent blindness. If there is not a serious problem, first try herbal remedies, Because of being natural with fewer side effects.

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