Which type of Medi-Spas is Best? 7 Top Medspa Types

med spas medi-spas

Nowadays, Spa is known with different names such as Medi-SpasMedspamed spasmed spaMedical spas, etc. med spa due to its properties and attractions is popular these days. Medi-Spas, which some now it as a model of massage, by the combination of aromatherapy, herbal oils, meditation, hydrotherapy, skincare, provides a package for health and relaxing. The various advantages of Medspa are such as toxins disposal, stress relief, blood circulation improvement, improving sleep quality, pain relief, etc.

Med spas have different types, each having its advantages, each with some common characteristics. There are, of course, various kinds of classification models of Spa. Here, we introduce a common classification model of the med spa types.

  • Medical spas in hot water springs

The main difference between Medi-Spas with massage is hydrotherapy. If the massage is carried out in a natural hot water spring and mineral water, due to the various properties of these waters, it can increase the Medspa effects on health.

  • Traditional Spa

It is a type of classic Medical spa in hot water with sauna and steam rooms. Massage and water therapy in hot pools are an interesting experience for health and relaxing.

  • Fish Spa

In this model of Spa, by using some special kind of a fish that can provide useful qualities by sucking the human skin, Medi-Spas can be more beneficial. The Garra fish unlike other kinds of fishes is not afraid of humans. These beneficial fish suck up the skin and peel off dead skins. Also, it can cure some skin disorders. Skin problems such as eczema is a good example in this regard.

  • Spa Siren

In this model of Medi-Spas, extra services are offered for skin health. By using a variety of useful materials for skin, such as herbal oils or creams, and massage the body with these compounds, you can improve your skin health and skin rejuvenation.

  • Ayurveda Spa

Ayurveda is a kind of traditional medicine in India, which is very popular in the world. Ayurveda Spa also helps improve health by using the methods of Ayurveda traditional medicine.

  • Medical spa

While the types of Medi-Spas models have benefits for health and even treatment, Medical spa by providing medical services can be good for health improvement. In this method, a doctor and health specialist are present in the spa center as well as a physiotherapist. The presence of these specialists and their advice can make the Medi-Spas process and services more accurate.

  • Thalassotherapy spa

This model of Medi-Spas is a kind of alternative Medicine. It involves taking showers, sea hot water, and using sea mineral substances. this method, which is one of the traditional medicine methods is also a kind of Medi-Spas. Sea environment, seawater as well as Seaweed provide advantages for health, such as circulatory improve, improved digestion, and skin health.

  • Don’t forget herbal oils

In the spa centers, massage with herbal oils and essential oils is so common. It can increase the effects of Medspa by useful ingredients for health. Herbal oils such as Rose oil, Rosemary oil, almond oil, etc. Oils and essential oils can be used for stress relief and skin health, etc.

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