Saffron Price 2018-2020 Weekly trends – Why Saffron Price is high?

Why Saffron Price is Precious

Why Saffron Spice is popular?

Saffron is known as the most valuable plant and spices in the world which calls as the king of spices in the world. Saffron strands or Saffron threads also have great taste and smell, saffron color, and various amazing health benefits, as well as it is the most expensive spice and Saffron Price is high.

Saffron strands are among the main agricultural products produced in Iran that have been used and consumed in many years. Iran has an appropriate climate for safron cultivation with 4000 years’ history in the cultivation of the most expensive spice and produces more than 95 % of the world’s production. Most of Saffron Spice is exporting to different parts of the world. Although this herb is cultivating in some parts of the world in limited volume, the quality of Iranian production is not comparable to anywhere in the world. If you are interested in this spice and wat to try and buy Saffron, here you can find useful details.

saffron price

Saffron Price 2018-2020 Weekly trends

There are different kinds of Saffron with different qualities, properties, and prices. 4 main kinds of Persian saffron are Super Negin, Negin, Sargol, and Pushal. In the following, you can see the trends of saffron price in each kind of Saffron.

Saffron price
Chart 1- Negin Saffron price trends

Chart 2-Sargol Saffron price trends

Saffron price

Chart 3-Sargol Saffron price trends

Saffron Ingredients

Active ingredients of Saffron Spice have many benefits and usages. Minerals, Mucilages, Cineol, Crocin, Safranal, and Picoquine are among these compounds. Each of these active ingredients is responsible for some of the health benefits. For example, Picrocrocin, crocin, safranal which are the main ingredients, are responsible for taste, color, and aroma.

As a result, these three important ingredients make a significant part of the characteristics of this herb. Picrocrocin is the main substance for saffron taste. Crocin is responsible for color. Safranal is responsible for its aroma. Also, many of the medicinal properties of this spice are due to the presence of Carotenoids and antioxidants which can protect the body against many harmful factors(1).

Saffron benefits

The benefits of this herb are amazing to health. Nowadays, the various properties of this medicinal plant and its ingredients have attracted the attention of many researchers of medical science. Useful ingredients in this herb, such as a large amount of manganese, vitamin C, iron, potassium, vitamin B6, antioxidants, vitamins, etc. Regular use of Saffron Spice can prevent many physical and mental problems. Also, it treats many diseases.

1- Antidepressants

The most important property for the plant is antidepressants(2). consumption of Saffron products such as oral drop, tea, and …, increase vitality.

2- Prevention of cancer

One of the other amazing properties of Saffron Spice is its anti-cancer property. Using it can prevent Cancer. This is related to the existence of Carotenoids in the strands.

3- Heart Health

One of the factors that are harmful to heart, is blood cholesterol. Consumption of this spice because it prevents the accumulation of cholesterol, thus preserve the health of the vessels and the heart(3).

Other benefits of this herb for health:

–  immune system strengthens
–  increased blood circulation
–  diabetes control
–  reduction of stomach disorders
–   depression and anxiety treatment
–    Memory booster
–    Libido increase
–    Blood dilution
–    Appetite increase
–    Removal of stomach disorders
–    Prevention of Alzheimer ‘s
–     Healing of mental disorders and Alzheimer’s.
–    Treatment of respiratory diseases such as asthma, cold

Uses of saffron

Many of us have heard about this herb with the scientific name Crocus Sativus, as a popular and valuable herb. Also, there are various products which are produced by this herb such as supplement, tea, etc.

These days, Saffron Spice is used in different fields as well as various industries. this application is designed to exploit the properties of this product and also because of using its aroma, flavor, saffron color, and properties.

These applications are:

– Cooking
– Food industry
– Manufacturing of herbal medicine and supplements
– Use in the manufacturing of natural colors

Why Saffron Price is high?

Iran produces 95 % of this product in the world, and Saffron Iran has the highest quality of Crocus plants in the world. It is an expensive spice, which costs about $ 1,000 per kilogram. But why its price is so high? Saffron Spice is the stigma part of the flower.besides because each flower has only three stigmas, it needs a very large number of flowers to provide 1 kg of this product. as a result, the Saffron Price is understandable, according to the production process. However, the extraordinary properties of this product have an impact on its price.

This herb is native to Asia. Saffron threads used in various industries, including the food industry, pharmaceuticals, cosmetic industry, and is highly popular. On the other hand, saffron strands, known as the king of the spices in the world and also a high price(4). Of course, as we discussed the reasons for it, you will find that Saffron Price is not high for the plant’s value and benefits of this plant as well as the hard production process.

1- It is possible to cultivate in a certain climate

More than 95 percent of the world’s Saffron strands are related to the Middle East, especially Iran. The plant needs special climatic conditions, including the particular temperature, soil, and special climate. therefore, this product cannot be cultivated properly in every climate and country.

2- Costly production process

The usable part of the saffron strands is the stigma of the flower. In each flower, there are only 3 stigmas. To produce a kilogram, about 200,000 flowers will be required. This means that it has to use lots of resources to produce every kilogram. So it is one of the main reasons for the high Saffron Price. On the other hand, almost all process of production is done by a human without machinery. So it is common to increase the production cost and Saffron Price(5).

3- Precious ingredients

Many useful vitamins and minerals for human health are present in Saffron threads. Besides, it has a lot of medicinal properties for the treatment of diseases such as Alzheimer’s, depression, etc. It is used in different industries to produce different products that are produced to protect human health.

4- Saffron re-export

As mentioned, 95 % of Saffron produces in Iran, but many people think that Saffron origin is Spain. Also many think the highest quality of this medicinal plant belongs to Spain. It is interesting to know that Spain only produces 1 ton of this herb per year and export 100 tons all over the world. But why? If you know the answer, you can find an important factor that increases the price.

Traders in Spain import Saffron from its origin; Iran and re-pack it with Spanish brand. This process increases the Saffron price almost 2-4 times. Also, it can affect the quality and decrease the freshness of the strands While buying the best quality of this medicinal herb from its origin can help to better price and quality.

How to identify original Saffron?

Some traders are looking to benefit more from the Saffron Threads and cheat in different ways. A variety of cheating types, such as mixing saffron strands with foreign materials. In this regard, the quality and benefits of it can be reduced. So we must have a good understanding of the quality of the original product to get the best quality. In this part, we introduce 5 important methods of fraud and the ways of identifying the quality of Saffron Threads.

Those who are professional in the trade of Crocus plants or always use this herb are well acquainted with the taste, Saffron color, and its aroma. These are important indicators of the quality of the product. Especially saffron Iran due to its high quality has a special taste, aroma, and color. There are also indicators for recognizing the quality of this herb for ordinary people. The 5 ways to identify the original product are:

1- Aroma

The aroma of the Threads is because of containing an important ingredient calls Safranal. The smell of Saffron Threads is nearly gentle and can easily be smelled. A sense of relief from the saffron aroma also spreads. While the low quality of this herb has no or minimum smell. If it is fresh and stores in standard conditions, its taste and aroma preserve better. Saffron Iran has a very good flavor due to its high quality.

2- Saffron Color

One of the methods of fraud in saffron strands is using artificial colors to improve its color. These colors are harmful to human health, while it shows the product is not original. If you want to know your product is original, it is best to pour it into hot water. If strands are original, its color wouldn’t change. Also, it changes the color of hot water to yellow, which after a while turns to orange. However, the fake Saffron threads are orange or red, and its color after a while becomes darker.

3- Saffron taste

Saffron threads taste is bitter, and therefore if the taste is salty or sweet or any other taste, this indicates cheating.

4- Purity

Some of the traders, use substances such as sugar water, some oils, and … to increase the weight of the strands. Press the saffron strands between your fingers or a white handkerchief. If you see oil or a special substance on the handkerchief, the strings are not original or pure.

5- Cheating with Crocus plants similarities

The combination of this plant with Saffron’s similarities is one of the other methods of cheating. The combination of this herb with materials such as Safflower, maize powder, dried beef threads, and some spices are examples in this regard.

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