King of Spices – Why Saffron Price is Precious

Why Saffron Price is Precious

Saffron is known as the most valuable plant and spices in the world which calls as the king of spices in the world. This spice also has great taste and smell and various amazing health benefits, as well as it is an expensive spice and Saffron Price is high.

In this paper, we first introduce the properties of saffron, and then explain the reasons for the high price of this precious plant:

 Saffron properties for health

– Antidepressants

the most important property for saffron is antidepressant. consumption of Saffron products such as oral drop, tea and …, saffron, or saffron increase vitality.

– Prevention of cancer

One of the other amazing properties of saffron is its anti-cancer property. Using Saffron can prevent Cancer from getting infected. this property of saffron is related to the existence of Carotenoids, which causes this property in saffron.

– Heart Health

One of the factors that are harmful to heart, is blood cholesterol. Consumption of this spice because it prevents the accumulation of cholesterol, thus preserving the health of the vessels and the heart.

Other benefits of this herb for health include increased body immune system strengthening, increased blood circulation, diabetes control, reduction of stomach disorders, reduction of stomach disorders and etc.


Price of saffron
Price of saffron


Why Saffron Price is high?

This herb is native to Asia. The plant, used in various industries, including the food industry, pharmaceuticals, cosmetic industry and is highly popular. On the other hand, this spice, known as the king of the spices in the world and also high price. Of course, as we discussed the reasons for it, you will find that Saffron Price is not high for the plant’s value and benefits of this plant as well as the hard production process of the product.

– It is possible to cultivate in a certain climate

More than 95 percent of the world ” s saffron production is related to the Middle East, especially Iran. The plant needs special climatic conditions, including the particular temperature of the growth environment, soil, and special climate. therefore, this product cannot be cultivated in every climate and country.


– Costly production process

The saffron product is actually the stigma of Saffron flower. In each flower, there are only 3 stigmas. In order to produce a kilogram of saffron, about 200,000 flowers of saffron will be required. This means that it has to use lots of land and resources to produce every kilogram of saffron. So it is one of the main reasons for high Saffron Price. On the other hand, almost all process for Saffron production is done by a human without machinery. So it is common to increase the production cost of this product and Saffron Price.

– Precious ingredients of saffron

Many useful vitamins and minerals for human health are present in this herb. In addition, saffron has a lot of medicinal properties for the treatment of diseases such as Alzheimer’s, depression, and etc. It is used in different industries to produce different products that are produced to protect human health.


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