Capsidin Cream (Anti Muscle & Bone Pain)


Capsaicin helps alleviate pain by depleting body's supply of substance P, a chemical component of nerve cells that are involved in transmitting pain signals to the brain. The active ingredient of pepper (capsaicin) has its own analgesic effect by reducing the amount of P (an 11-amino acid neuropeptide), Thus, capsaicin inhibits the transfer of pain pulses from the peripheral nerves to the central nervous system by preventing the absorption of P, thereby reducing pain in the anus. It also works by de-sensitizing sensory receptors in the skin. Also, the Capsaicin cream is effective on the early sensory nerves, possibly by reacting directly with the ion-receptor channel set in the membrane, causing the ion channels to be opened up to a specific one. In addition to stimulating effects, Capsaicin cream can produce analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. This cream is very effective in treating localized pain despite the mint and high absorption of pepper. In most clinical trials in patients with postnatal neuropathy, diabetic neuropathy or osteoarthritis; adjuvant therapy with Capsaicin cream has been shown to relieve pain and severe systemic side effects.

Chili Oil


Capsicum was prescribed as a pain reliever for muscle and headache in traditional medicine. In the ancient medicine of the world, it has been common practice to use a Capsicum extract for topical anesthetics in toothache and to treat conjunctivitis. New studies have shown that the active ingredient of Capsaicin in Capsicum, by controlling the pathway of pain and increasing local blood flow, reduces pain. Also, it has been shown that long-term and repeated use of this substance is a non-susceptible component of P secreting fibers, which reduces the secretion of this substance, thus relieving pain. In addition, Capsaicin has an effect on inflammation and is very useful in treating and improving osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, as well as it is effective in treating local pain with a very high absorption of the skin. Also, the presence of this compound in Capsicum originates strong antimicrobial effects on a wide range of bacteria. Clinical studies also indicated that the simultaneous consumption of red pepper oil, garlic and cumin caused a significant withdrawal of fats and weight loss.