Rose Essential Oil (Antidepressant)


Rose has been mentioned in Iranian traditional medicine as an anti-depressant, anti-anxiety with gentle aroma but powerful anti-depressant, enhancer of libido in women and men, skincare as well as a stimulant effect on the human brain. Rose essential oil has been used to improve mood for a long time which results in today's studies refer to these properties. So it is a natural antidepressant supplement. Rose essential oil aroma, as an antidepressant supplement can help reduce anxiety and reduce the level of stress hormone to an acceptable level. In a study, the use of Rose essential oil for 8 weeks, reduced the symptoms of depression in depressed men. In another study on women who gave birth for the first time, showed that the aroma of Rose essential oil reduces anxiety. In addition, Rose Essential Oil is an effective ingredient in increasing the libido of men and women. In studies on methadone addicted men, depressed men and women, and those who use antidepressants, the use of Rose essential oil has improved sexual dysfunctions and increased levels of male sex hormone (testosterone) in men.

Damask Rose Oil


Rose used in traditional medicine as sedative, anti-inflammatory, wound healing and laxative, especially for children and the elderly. Also, it has anti-spasm, antibacterial and antioxidant effects. Rose have been mentioned in Iranian traditional medicine as a powerful anti-depressant. Rose essential oil aroma can help reduce the level of stress hormones to an acceptable level. The effective ingredients of Rose prevent the breakdown and reabsorption of monoamines, such as serotonin and noradrenaline, which increase the amount of these neurotransmitters and thus act as an antidepressant. In a study, the use of Rose essential oil for 8 weeks, reduced depression in depressed patients. Also, studies have shown that flavonoid contained in Rose can have several effects such as sleep aid, anti-anxiety, and antidepressant effects through the gamma-aminobutyric acid pathway. Furthermore, Rose is very effective in removing inflammation and redness of the skin, removing and repairing skin ulcers, due to its richness in antioxidant and vitamin E compounds.

Fitness Herbal Tea (Damask Rose petal & Green Tea)


A mixture tea To relieve depression, usage of natural substances such as Rose tea is better, because it is natural. Also, Rose tea essential oil boosts libido because and cure depression because Rose petal tea stimulates the activity of the brain. Rose tea commonly uses as anti-depressants, anti-stress and anti-inflammatory product. Using Rose tea bags […]

Rose oil Soft Capsule (Anti Stomach Inflammatory)


In traditional medicine, Rose oil is a stomach tonic, also treat digestive wounds and eliminates waste from the digestive tract. This oil contains volatile compounds (essential oils) and phenolic compounds of glutamate. New studies have shown that Rose petals have antioxidant effects due to these two types of compounds. In a study on rat ileum, it was found that Rose essential oil, and especially its two components, Geranium and Citronellol, are responsible for the antispasmodic effects of the plant by decreasing the movements of the intestine. In the human studies phase, a preliminary study showed that co-administration of Rose oil with Omeprazole could improve the efficacy of Omeprazole.