Melitropic Capsule (Alzheimer’s cure)


Not only Lemon Balm is helpful in soothing nervous agitation, for centuries it has also regarded beneficial for memory and Alzheimer's cure. Acetylcholine (ACh) is the primary Neurotransmitter involved in brain activity and deficits in ACh levels and activity are one of the primary neurological factors in the development of Alzheimer’s disease. Recent studies indicated that Lemon Balm stimulates the brain’s Acetylcholine receptors, so it can control Alzheimer's and can be used for Alzheimer's cure. A clinical study was conducted on patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer's patients who were aged between 65-80 years old and were given Lemon Balm extract (A) or placebo(B). After four months of the study, the result was significant and meaningful and the levels of mild to moderate Alzheimer's were well controlled, in group A, as well as the anxiety and Irritability that have been noticeably diminished. Alzheimer's supplements that contain Lemon Balm extract are natural and effective. Melitropic Capsule is a new and one of the best Alzheimer's supplements that are developed to Control Alzheimer’s Disease.

Tranquival Tablet (Tranquilizer)


In Iranian medicine, from a long time ago, Valerian has been used as a natural sedative, Natural Tranquilizer, hypnotic, anti-depressant, and anticonvulsant. Among St John's-wort properties, sedative effects are relevant to volatile oils include Valerianum and Valerian Acid and Valproate compounds. In addition, Valerian acid inhibits the enzyme responsible for catabolism and GABA decomposition, which increases the concentration of GABA in the brain so reduces the activity of various brain nuclei and causes calming effects. Valerian tablet as a Natural Tranquilizer is shown to be more effective than Diazepam drug in a clinical study. So you can use it as a herbal & Natural anti anxiety supplement. Also, laboratory and clinical experiences have proven the anxiolytic and sedative effects of Passionate Extract, which makes it more effective as Natural anti anxiety.