Hepatoheal Chewable Tablet (Liver Tonic)


Nowadays, food is undergoing a lot of processes and contains many chemicals that are harmful to the liver, so that even a mild liver dysfunction can cause excessive tiredness, bad taste in the mouth and anorexia. Strawberry is rich in flavonoids and antioxidant compounds so can act as a metabolic cleanser and liver function stimulant. Also, twigs of Vine regulate the metabolism of carbohydrates, so helps the liver to cope with harmful agents. A clinical study showed that this natural remedy can improve cellular immunity in patients with chronic Hepatitis B, stopping the proliferation of Hepatitis B virus and completely eliminates the virus from infected liver cells. In another clinical trial on 10 children with chronic B-type Hepatitis, using the combination of Strawberry and leaves and twigs of the Vine for 12 months, decreased the activity of the DNA polymerase of the Hepatitis B virus from 4121.8 cpm to 785 cpm.