Supplus Meds Capsule (Immune booster)

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This Immune booster product is an effective combination of minerals with antioxidant effects and also has good levels of vitamin E, vitamin C, and ZN, which helps the immune system to function properly. In traditional medicine, Echinacea has been used to treat and improve infections of the upper respiratory tract, such as influenza and colds. As well as the strengthening of the immune system ad an Immune booster. Echinacea enhances the immune system by activating phagocytosis and stimulating the fibroblasts, increasing respiratory activity, and increasing the mobility of leukocytes. Natural Immune booster supplements like this herbal supplement strengthen the immune system, reduces the severity and duration of colds and flu, as well as helps to reduce the incidence of these diseases and other viral and bacterial infections. Be aware that herbal  Immune booster supplements are the best choice.

Barij Aloe Vera Capsule (Immune System Strengthen)


Aloe Vera gel has potent effects on the immunomodulatory function, which lowers the production of inflammatory Cytokines caused by lipopolysaccharide and the expression of inflammation of NLRP3 in human macrophages. Mannan Celestin Astilla which is one of the main components of the Aloe gel has the effects of immune stimulants. Also, Polysaccharides in the Aloe Vera extract are absorbed by the oral route and consider in the blood as immunosuppressive agents and can induce immune responses and modulate the immune function, in particular by activating macrophages and producing Cytokines. Aloe gel has been added to the dietary supplements used in a clinical trial of AIDS patients which were effective. Also “Mannan Celestin Astilla” has been used to treat patients with AIDS and has reduced the symptoms of patients by 71%.