Sekanjabin Onsoli Barij Syrup (General Health)


This product is originated from Iranian traditional medicine. The main part of this syrup which is a mixture of Honey and Grape Vinegar, calls Sekanjabin. In addition to the two main components mentioned, sometimes the components of other medicinal plants, like Squill (Urginea Maritima) which calls Sekanjabin Onsoli. One of the most important indications of this traditional medicine syrup is the disposal of waste material from the body, which is an important contribution to the health of the liver and the elimination of functional disorders of this important organ of the body. Also this traditional medicine syrup with has various therapeutic effects, such as improving dyspnea, reopening gastrointestinal obstructions by removing body material wastes, removing mucous membranes by removing mucosal secretions in respiratory infections such as asthma, treating sleep disorders, relief of digestive symptoms including severe bloating, constipation, false appetite, and Reducing Blood Concentration.

Hepatoheal Chewable Tablet (Liver Tonic)


Nowadays, food is undergoing a lot of processes and contains many chemicals that are harmful to the liver, so that even a mild liver dysfunction can cause excessive tiredness, bad taste in the mouth and anorexia. Strawberry is rich in flavonoids and antioxidant compounds so can act as a metabolic cleanser and liver function stimulant. Also, twigs of Vine regulate the metabolism of carbohydrates, so helps the liver to cope with harmful agents. A clinical study showed that this natural remedy can improve cellular immunity in patients with chronic Hepatitis B, stopping the proliferation of Hepatitis B virus and completely eliminates the virus from infected liver cells. In another clinical trial on 10 children with chronic B-type Hepatitis, using the combination of Strawberry and leaves and twigs of the Vine for 12 months, decreased the activity of the DNA polymerase of the Hepatitis B virus from 4121.8 cpm to 785 cpm.