Gastrolit Soft Capsule (Anti Bowel Disorders)


Iranian (Shirazi) Thyme is a species endemic of Iran, which has been used in traditional medicines for a long time due to its disinfectant, analgesic and carminative properties .and is common for treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS). In a clinical trial, the effect of Gastrolit drop was evaluated in 53 IBS patients, which after 2 weeks, the treatment of all symptoms of the disease was significantly effective.

Pedicough Syrup (Children Antitussive)


The effect of Thyme and Ivy in the treatment of cough and Bronchitis is confirmed by traditional medicine and modern medicine(1). Recent research has proven the anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties of the ingredients of Thyme and Ivy. Thymol (the main ingredient in thyme) causes disinfection of the upper respiratory tract(2). Other ingredients in the Thyme extract including flavonoids, with anti-inflammatory effects, eliminate the irritation and inflammation of the respiratory tract. This syrup also contains Hollyhock, which it’s mucilage, acts as a protective layer on the affected throat mucosa and has the properties of softening, anti-inflammatory, and anti-inflammatory. This syrup is free of alcohol, color, and flavoring and Thymol level is adjusted so it can be taken by infants and children, and therefore as a pediatric softener syrup (especially In coughing, hypersensitivity, and colds) is a good option.

Bronchobarij Syrup (Anti Cough)


The Germany Commission E has approved the use of Thyme to treat cough and Bronchitis. Thymol and Carvacrol have been shown to have a wide range of effects against bacteria involved in upper respiratory tract infections. It is believed that these active ingredients add antibacterial activity by creating a complex with bacterial membrane proteins. A synergistic effect is also noted for the combination of Thymol and Creatinine. Also, the Germany Commission E has approved the use of Hollyhock for treating oral and throat mucus arthritis with dry cough. In a clinical trial, 157 patients with acute cough received this syrup (Iranian thyme and Hollyhock extract) or Dextromethorphan syrup. Based on the results, after 96 hours, 50% of patients who used this syrup were fully recovered and in the Dextromethorphan group, this number was 49.3%. Due to this product is herbal, it can be used without side effects compared to the Dextromethorphan product.