Saffron Capsule (Alzheimer’s prevention)

Crocin is the main active ingredient in Saffron. Several studies showed that this ingredient can prevent the growth of neuronal death and brain atrophy. So it can be a good choice for Alzheimer's prevention. Also, we can use it as a natural medication for memory loss. Increasing the level and activity of redox in the brain is the goal of many studies in treating Alzheimer's. The use of this product has a very effective effect on increasing the activity of the redox activity in the brain. So it is a natural medicine for Alzheimer's prevention. Modifying effects of Saffron-based derivatives on glutamate and NMDA receptors have been proven in several studies. Its effect is such as the Mamentin drug, however that these active ingredients have no side effects. In a study, 54 patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease divided into two groups. They treated with Saffron capsules or Duplex capsules for 22 weeks. The stunning results of this clinical trial indicated that the Saffron capsule has a similar effect to Dopedel capsules in improving symptoms. In addition, adverse effects in patients treated with Dopedysil were much higher than the Saffron capsule group. Besides you can use it as an herbal medication for memory loss with no side effects.

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Why Alzheimer’s prevention is so important?

Alzheimer’s is a type of brain function disorder that gradually mental abilities of the patient decrease. So Alzheimer’s prevention is very important. There some herbs to prevent and cure it. Also, these herbs can be used as a medication for memory loss in the form of a supplement.

What is Alzheimer’s?

Memory disorders such as memory loss and Alzheimer’s gradually create and expands. The memory disorder is first limited to current events and learning but gradually damages old memories. The patient forgets the question he has asked a few moments before and asks again the same question. The patient loses his staff and doesn’t know where he left. A person will get in trouble about buying and paying, and could not manage money. It is also difficult to understand friends and acquaintances. In more severe cases, even in the diagnosis of the bedroom, the kitchen, the bathroom will be difficult. So Alzheimer’s treatment is a very important issue. Alzheimer’s herbal treatment is a good choice for Alzheimer’s treatment as well as Alzheimer’s prevention.

It almost is natural to forget, but if you have repeated forget, you should discover the reasons. Don’t worry, chronic forgetfulness is not always the cause of Alzheimer’s. In fact, there are many reasons that can cause your memory to weaken. Find out which of the following causes may be the cause of your memory loss.

Alzheimer’s is likely to occur at the age of more than 65, but mild amnesia is common than Alzheimer’s. According to researchers, if you feel tired, after a rest, do a full (checkup)test. Any type of disease, such as diabetes, high blood pressure or high blood cholesterol that affects the flow of blood to the brain can cause turmoil of the mind. Thyroid problems, liver, kidney disorders, or even simple urinary infections can cause chaos in mind. If we are careful about our brain, maybe we don’t need to consume medication for memory loss.

Saffron and Alzheimer’s prevention

Consumption of Saffron is effective in preventing depression as well as Alzheimer’s prevention. According to today’s research, Saffron has antidepressant effects, as this effect of Saffron confirmed in traditional medicine. In accordance with the results of this research, using Saffron in food and drinking is recommended for relaxation. In addition, Saffron boosts the focus and concentration and is effective in Alzheimer’s prevention. Also Saffron is effective in the treatment of nerve pain and lack of sleep. A study concluded that Saffron is effective in treating Alzheimer’s due to its “antioxidants. Saffron is able to inhibit the aggregation and deposition of the beta-amyloid plaques. Saffron also prevents heart disease and cancer. This tablet is an Alzheimer’s tablet which is made by Saffron. This Alzheimer’s tablet can help with prevention.


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Slows down or improves memory impairment due to Alzheimer’s disease

60 Capsules 15 mg

Saffron (Crocus sativus)


1 capsule after breakfast and 1 after dinner.
Response to saffron may take 6-8 weeks.

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the most common form of dementia in the elderly. This condition is characterized by a progressive loss of memory, deterioration of virtually all intellectual functions, increased apathy, decreased speech function, disorientation, and gait irregularities.
AD is the most widely known of degenerative diseases. It is a condition that is commonly associated with considerable psychological and emotional distress for patients and their families.
As of 2008, there is an estimation of 30 million people with dementia worldwide. By 2050, it is projected that this figure will have increased to over 100 million individuals! The results of two randomized clinical trials indicate that patients with mild-to-moderate AD receiving C. sativus extract experienced statistically significant benefits in cognition after 22 weeks of treatment.

In conditions like bleeding disorders, administration of saffron is contraindicated.
Research has not yet established conclusively whether or not saffron during pregnancy or lactation is safe. Hence, it should be avoided by women at the said stages.

* If you are taking other medications, consult your doctor before taking this product.
* Do not exceed the recommended dose.
* Store at room temperature (0-30ºC).
* Protect from direct light and heat.
* Keep out of the reach of children.