Calendula Ointment (Anti Skin Inflammatory)

The ingredients in the Calendula plant extract, such as flavonoids, terpenoids, and carotenoids, improve skin inflammation, ulcers, sunburns, baby's urine burns, insect bites and skin dryness. The following results were obtained during several clinical studies: In term of reducing dermatitis which caused by radiotherapy, this ointment has equivalent effect as Corticosteroids, but do not have Corticosteroids long-term side effects. This ointment is significantly effective in reducing the severity of episiotomy ulcers and the need for pain reliever for women who have experienced their first birth. Dressing bedsore with this ointment, after washing it with a serum and drying it, can significantly heal the ulcers. Due to the beneficial anti-inflammation effects of this ointment (without side effects of Corticosteroids), it is a very suitable alternative for ointment containing Corticosteroids.

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Calendula salve and anti-skin inflammatory 

The skin inflammation or Dermatitis can be caused for several reasons, but in many cases, it has an allergic origin. It is also called an allergic or contact dermatitis. Allergic skin inflammation or Dermatitis is marked by Skin peeling, redness, and often itching. An allergic reaction may cause in response to a range of substances, including detergents, perfumes, plastic materials, types of metals and ornaments, and plants. Also, stress may be effective in exacerbating skin inflammation or Dermatitis. Dermatitis treatment or skin inflammation relief by consuming skin inflammatory foods should be the first choice.

 The type of Dermatitis or skin inflammation, which has a family aspect, is often found in children especially in the corrugated parts of the body, such as the back of the knees, the elbow, neck, and face. Numerous studies have shown the relevance of food allergies to skin inflammation or Dermatitis. Many foods, including cow milk, peanuts, soy proteins, and maize may cause a skin rash.

eczema is a skin disease that arises in different shapes and has different factors and reasons. In the meantime, Eczema especially appears in infants and children. Eczema may arise from the second and third months of the child’s birth and show signs with symptoms. It can also have a family background. So in the case of the existence of asthma, allergies or skin irritation in the family, this will also escalate.


Marigold, herbal Skin Inflammatory

For the Marigold or calendula salve, skin inflammation or Dermatitis treatment, antiretroviral properties have been reported(1).The most important clinical result for confirmation of Marigold effects is 100 percent treatment of skin inflammation or Dermatitis. The Marigold extract ( calendula salve )can help to heal wound, skin inflammation or Dermatitis. It can lead to an increase in localized blood circulation, and tissue formation. The Marigold has a long-time consumption for skin scars and has been carried out extensive scientific research on Marigold in the last decade.

Marigold extract shows a powerful antioxidant effect. It contains several Carotenoids, such as Lycopene, and Xenatin, which have an antioxidant effect, and Marigold is highly effective in healing wound and skin inflammation or Dermatitis treatment.

One of the causes of skin aging is the presence of free radicals that cause the visible aging of the skin. The and substances in the Marigold can Neutralize this effect. calendula salve is also very helpful for cancer patients being injured with radiation. Marigold is one of the plants that have numerous properties for the skin. This herb is used for skin moisturizing effect.


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* Topical anti – inflammatory
* Anti Allegic Dermatitis
* Anti diaper rash
* Insects Bites Treatment
* Prevention and treatment of sunburn

Ointment 15 gr

* Marigold (Calendula officinalis) extract
* Natural bee wax

Calendula ointment contains 2% of total extract of calendula officinalis flowers (including Carotenoids , Flavonoids , Saponosids , Calendin , Tannin , Mucilage and essential oil)

Apply topically on the affected area several times a day.

Calendula ointment has many potentially useful effects related to compound present in calendula officinalis extract .
Among these are anti – inflammatory , antiviral , and antimicrobial due to the terpene alcohols , lactones , flavonoids . Flavonoids isolated from flowers of calendula officinalis demonstrated positive antimicrobial activity against Staphylococcus aureus . Calendula promotes the formation of granulation tissue , an important step in re-epithelization and healing of wounds . It is thought to increase glycoprotein , nucleoprotein , and collagen metabolism at wound sites.

Not reported

There is a low potential for sensitization after frequent skin contact with the ointment

Not reported

* Store at room temperature (15-30ºC).
* Protect from direct light and heat.
* Keep out of the reach of children.