Coriander Essential oil

In Chinese traditional medicine, Coriander is used to improve headaches, bad breath, appetite, and Hemorrhoids. This herb has been traditionally used to treat gastrointestinal disorders as cough, antispasmodic and anti-diarrhea. Hippocrates knew this plant and used it to improve various gastrointestinal diseases as well as it is anti-bacterial and antifungal and stimulates gastric juice secretion. The active ingredient in the Coriander essential oil stimulates digestive system by increasing the amount of saliva flow and secreting the gastric juice. Also, Linalool in the Coriander essential oil through nerve cells of the olfactory can significantly increase the expression of the nephrite y gene in the brain, and this mechanism increases appetite. Coriander increases the production and secretion of bile acids from the gallbladder and plays an important role in the digestion and absorption of fats, thereby shortening the time of food in the gastrointestinal tract and ultimately increasing appetite.

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Natural blood glucose reducer

Coriander essential oil is known as a natural blood glucose reducer and does this job with increasing insulin secretion. This effect is at a high degree so Coriander is called anti-diabetes plant. Coriander essential oil also helps heart health by lowering bad cholesterol levels and increasing good cholesterol levels in the blood. This oil also has Coriander benefits, as well as this oil benefits, are varied.

Also, this oil is beneficial for those who suffer from Joint inflammation problems because this herb has anti-inflammatory properties.

Coriander essential oil is used as a natural disinfectant to cure skin diseases, including dermatitis and eczema. High amounts of antioxidant and vitamin A and B in Coriander are impeding the establishment of free radicals in skin cells and helps in treating facial wrinkles and skin rejuvenation.


Coriander Benefits

Coriander essential oil helps in the proper secretion of enzymes and acid in the stomach due to the high level of it; this stimulates the digestive system and the esophagus for the meal. Studies also show that the regular addition of coriander to the diet reduces the dyspepsia. Adding a small amount of coriander in the diet of children which more likely suffer to abdominal pain than adults, can quickly solve their problems!

Coriander essential oil help to treat flatulence, pain, and vomit in babies and children. Coriander has anti-bacterial properties that can be used to prevent colds and infections in infants and children. Studies have shown it is useful for neonatal jaundice.

Coriander contains high amounts of iron, which can be used to cure iron deficiency anemia in infants and children.

Leaves and stem of Coriander can reduce the blood sugar in people with diabetes. Researches have shown that the consumption of Coriander has improved liver function and helps regulate blood sugar.

Coriander essential oil affects the endocrine glands and thus increase insulin secretion from the pancreas and increases blood sugar by increasing insulin levels in the blood. To reduce your blood sugar, you can use the leaves of Coriander or Coriander supplement.


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Oral Drop 15 ml

Coriander (Corianderum sativum) essential oil


Take 3-5 drops in a glass of water or juice 3 times a day.

During pregnancy

* If the property of “mouthwatering” is considered, to expedite achievement of the desired result, it is recommended to use Simultaneously Coriander oral drop.
* Since production of each kilogram of natural essential oils requires processing several hundred kilograms of plant, hence resulting oil is highly concentrated and aromatic, and using only a few drops of it can help to maintain and to improve your health; but if you wish, you can frequently use, according to your taste.
* Exposure of this product in cold environments, causes to the slower dropping. To revert to its original state, it is sufficient to put it in a warm area again.
* Store at room temperature (15-30ºC).
* Protect from direct light and heat.
* Keep out of the reach of children.