Cumin Seeds & Cumin Spice (100 gr)

  Cumin seeds are used as herbal medicine from ancient times and are used to remove kidney and bladder stones, to improve chronic diarrhea, leprosy, and eye diseases. In traditional medicine, Cumin seeds also have been used in weight reduction compounds which means using it can lead to lipolysis break down by increasing metabolic rate in the body. In a clinical study, the researchers concluded that Cumin had anti-epileptic effects similar to Sibutramine drugs. Also, Cumin spice is a rich source of iron so those who have anemia can be fed with cumin in their diet, which can remedy anemia symptoms, such as fatigue, anxiety and digestive problems. In addition, Cumin spice inhibits gastric acid secretion and can control gastric ulcers and also using Cumin essential oil for two months reduced insulin resistance so it prevents Diabetes.

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Cumin spice raw material

Cumin seeds (also known as Cuminum Cyminum) is widely used as a flavor and spice in the cooking. Apart from the special flavor and aroma of Cumin seeds, it also has numerous properties for well-being and health. Cumin seeds are a rich source of energy, vitamins A and minerals like iron, manganese, copper, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium. Cumin seeds benefits for health confirms by researches. For example, cumin use for weight loss is a fact.

Cumin seeds are also rich in protein and amino acids, carbohydrates and fiber. The benefits of cumin for health attributes to the recovery of digestion, weight loss, strengthening of the immune system, insomnia treatment and respiratory disorders prevention and improvement of diabetes, anemia and iron deficiency.

The presence of caffeine and essential oils in Cumin seed or Cumin Spice cause removing the nasal congestion. for those suffering from respiratory disorders like asthma, Cumin facilitates the breathing process by clearing the nasal passages.


Health benefits

Cumin seeds uses are varied. Vitamin E in Cumin seeds acts as an antioxidant. Vitamin E helps strengthen the capillary wall in the skin. It improves the moisture and elastic properties of the skin; thus this seed is a natural anti-aging product. Studies have shown that vitamin E helps in reducing inflammation in the body and skin to keep healthy skin.

Anti-oxidants present in Cumin when the skin exposes to smoking or UVB rays (sunlight)protect the skin from cancer. It also helps in treating eczema. Another advantage of vitamin E in this seed is that it speeds up the skin recovery process. Since the pace of the reconstruction of the cell increases, you can use it to cure acne and wrinkles.

Calcium requires for nerve transport, hormone secretion, muscle contraction and reduction of blood pressure. Rich foods in calcium, such as Cumin for teenagers and young people are vital because when the body is fully formed, the higher the bone mass, increases the risk of osteoporosis.

Cumin helps to reduce stress and anxiety and easy sleeping. Because one of the main reasons for insomnia is, stress and anxiety. Cumin seeds help with reducing stress as well as helping to digest food, hence helps for easy sleep.


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Weight loss, Carminative, Antiseptics, Menstruation Causing, Lactogenic, Analgesic, Anesthetic, Anti-oxidant, Anti-spasmodic, Wound healer

• Cumin can have a powerful effect in preventing diabetes by reducing the chances of hypoglycemia.
• Cumin is a great source of iron which is key in keeping your immune system healthy and producing energy and maintaining your metabolism.
• Also Cumin is high in vitamin C and its anti-fungal properties make it difficult to suffer long from a cold if you consume it regularly.
• Cumin is well known for its effects on the digestive system and scientists have said that Cumin aids in proper digestion of food and the body’s ability to absorb nutrients because the enzymes found in Cumin help break down the food.
• Also it contain anti-carcinogenic properties which is key for preventing cancer. Cumin has ability to detoxify the liver and prevent free radicals from entering the blood stream. Cumin is a great way to help detoxify your body and keep your insides clean and healthy.
• In addition the vitamins found in Cumin, both vitamin C and E, are essential for healthy, young looking skin. Cumin essential oils also keep fungal and microbial infections away.

Its fruit has essential oils and amounts of tannin and resin. Also its fragrant smell is because of having cuminol. The most important component of Cumin is named “cumin aldehyde” which anti-bacterial effects of Cumin is related to it. Cumin also contains protein, carbohydrates, oil and calcium, phosphorus and iron elements.

Cumin is the most popular spice used by human in the history. The origin of this herb is Middle East and in particular it has been widely cultivated in Iran for a long time. Iran, China, India and some countries in Central America are the largest producers of this herb. Almost 30% of this amount is belonged to Iran and this country is one of the six great exporters of this product in the world.