Flaxseed Powder (Laxative)

Flaxseed has been known as one of the best ways to relieve constipation for centuries. The whole seeds contain anywhere from 6 to 12 percent mucilage. Mucilage is a slimy, gum-like compound that provides a temporarily soothing and protective coating along the entire digestive tract. The high content of Flaxseed mucilage protects mucous membranes because of its softening effects and the effects of overlays. Fibers in flaxseed due to the absorption of liquids, increase stool volume and subsequently stimulate the tensile receptors present in the intestinal wall and also increase the intestinal mucous membranes and thereby effect its melanin effect. Flaxseeds (also known as linseeds) are mainly known for their laxative effect on the bowels. Being full of soluble fibre, they help to create bulk in the stool and keep bowel movements regular, thereby preventing any build-up or constipation.

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When bowel movements are not properly performed, or the number of moves is less than normal, constipation occurs. The average time of each intestinal movement varies from person to person. So that one may be able to fend off three times a day, and another person may be able to fend off twice a week. In general, if an individual has no disposal during the 3 days, it is a long time for it. After this time, the feces have become hard and difficult to fend off and constipation will occur. Constipation solution for treatment is better to be natural and herbal with no side effect.

The majority of people do not need specific examinations to diagnosis constipation, but few who face problems need examinations. If you suffer to constipation for more than two weeks, you need to refer to a doctor to identify and eliminate the main source of illness. If constipation is due to colon cancer, early detection of time and treatment is very important.

To prevent this disease, different tasks can be done, some of which include:

Choose a suitable diet with high fiber content. Fruits, vegetables, wheat are rich in fiber. Fiber and water help colon to move the feces forward.

Eat 1.5-2 liters of water and other drinks daily (unless you are banned by a doctor). The liquids containing caffeine have Dehydration effects, so avoid the use of these fluids until the intestinal function returns. Some people also have to refrain from consuming milk and dairy products. Also, you should exercise regularly. When you feel to need to discharge, don’t stop, go quickly to the toilet and fend off yourself.

For many centuries Senna has been used to remove constipation. The Senna is an endemic herb to North Africa, and its leaves and seeds have medicinal properties. The Senna is known for its laxative properties and is a natural laxative product.

Flaxseed and constipation

High Fiber and healthy fats contribute to water uptake. Flaxseed oil helps to facilitate the movement of intense. The Flaxseed is full of soluble and insoluble fibers, so it is laxative and facilitate the excretion.

In addition to other incredible properties of Flaxseed, among other incredible food facts, Flaxseed is also rich in antioxidants. Fibers that give us antioxidant benefits for hormonal equilibrium, cellular health, and struggle with the aging process.


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* Laxative
* Treatment for constipation

Powder – 24 sachets 3 gr

Flaxseed (Linum usitatissimum) powder


Mix 1 sachet with a glass of water and take it before each meal (3 times a day).

Avoid using this product in cases of intestinal obstruction or any narrowing and inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract.

* Flaxseed contains mucilage and cellulose, thus it will delay the absorption of drugs taken simultaneously.
* Store at room temperature (15-30ºC).
* Protect from direct light and heat.
* Keep out of the reach of children.