Galeca Tablet (Blood Sugar Reducer)

Goat's Rue has been used in European traditional medicine to cure diabetes. This product reduces blood sugar by having the active ingredient Guanidine, prevents the absorption of sugar in the intestine. The largest compound in this plant is Guanidin's Alkaloid, which reduces blood glucose by preventing the absorption of sugars in the intestine. This plant prevents the degeneration of damaged cells of the pancreas and increases the relative recovery of these cells, resulting in increased insulin secretion. Also, the active ingredients in Goat's Rue enhance insulin's effect in the body and, by increasing the amount of sugar into the cells, it can lower the blood sugar and can be used in supplements to lower blood sugar. Also, this product reduces blood glucose by preventing the absorption of sugar in the intestine. Due to the effects of low blood sugar and its adjustment in Diabetes, it prevents retinopathy and nephropathy. This tablet is a kind of supplements to lower blood sugar and also can be named as one of the best natural blood sugar balance supplements.

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Blood sugar balance supplements; Blood Sugar Reducer

High blood glucose in long term can damage the body’s arteries and nerves. This causes an increase in the flowing of blood in body parts, especially the hands, legs, arms, and hips. blood sugar regulation is an important issue for a healthy life. (1)  Consumption of natural supplements to reduce blood sugar is a good choice. Using blood sugar supplements reducers as well as observing an appropriate blood sugar diet is a good way for this goal. Always prevention is better than treatment. (2)

Why Blood sugar control is important?

Low blood flow in body members, carries the risk of infectious diseases, heart disease, stroke, blindness, amputation, and kidney disease. In addition, the legs may lose their feeling and feel extra pain. Even a small wound may damage the legs without realizing it. in the end, it will be incurable, and it may damage libido. For all these reasons, we should try to avoid high blood sugar in the body. (3)

When blood sugar levels are high, the body is unable to store and absorb glucose, it is possible to experience extreme fatigue and a feeling of sleepiness. It’s also possible to get up when you sleep at night to go to the toilet.

Most people with diabetes are overweight and when the weight loss decreases, despite the enormous effort, it means a disorder in the body. Sadly, this sign of no health disorder instead of a sign of physical health. The reason for this drastic drop in weight is that the body burns fats instead of burning sugar so that it can produce enough fuel to carry out its activities.

Blood sugar symptoms

Severe thirst is usually associated with high blood sugar. Too much thirst causes more liquids to eat. The hypothalamus, which evaluates the dehydration and causes intense thirst.(5)

When the kidneys do not properly dispose of the glucose, the body dehydrates. If the trend continues, the body will see some risks as it increases the amount of blood sugar, by increasing the adrenaline levels.

It may sound rather irrational, but this is associated with a lot of urine. When blood sugar is placed high on the upper surface, the body sends the liquids to the kidney and causes more urine to be made.


Galega, Supplements to lower blood sugar

There are various herbs to control blood sugar. Galega is one of the herbs that use in traditional European medicine to cure diabetes. So you can use it in the form of natural blood sugar balance supplements. Galeca extract contains two chemical compounds called that can control diabetes. So using it can help to control diabetes.


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Complementary agent in diabetes

30 Tablets

Goat’s Rue (Galega officinalis)

Selected and ameliorated species of galega officinalis leaves : 500 mg (Active constituents of galega include flavonoids , saponins and galegine)

Take 1-2 tablets after each meal (3 times a day).

Upon analysis , the herb turned out to contain galegin , a substance that decreases blood sugar by increasing insulin resistance. It is the herbal prototype of the biguanide class of pharmaceutical that includes metformin , now a very widely used oral antidiabetic agent.
Galega off. Can decrease glucose absorbtion in gastro- intestinal tract.

It can not be recommended for diabetes mellitus because of severity of the disease. If the patient is on insulin therapy , the insulin must be continued. The dosage may be adjusted according to the glucose concentration in blood and urine.
There is no documents about using of this medicine during pregnancy and lactation.

Health risks or side effects following the proper administration of designated therapeutic dosages have not been recorded.

A possible intraction exists with hypoglycemic medication.

* Store at room temperature (15-30ºC).
* Protect from direct light and heat.
* Keep out of the reach of children.