Gastrodin Tablet (Anti Stomach Inflammatory)

Studies have shown that the extract of the herbs contained in this product(Licorice, Marigold, Hollyhock) contains active ingredients for treatment of gastritis and peptic ulcerations of the gastric ulcer, especially flavonoids, saponides and its Mucilages. Licorice root has been used since ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman. the Licorice is used for various digestive system complaints including stomach ulcers, heartburn, colic, and ongoing inflammation of the lining of the stomach (chronic gastritis). Marigold is a botanical worldwide known for its topical anti-inflammatory properties that are supported by clinical studies. Oral use of Marigold infusions for the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, such as Gastritis, is acknowledged in traditional medicine. The anti-inflammatory effects of flavonoids of Licorice and Marigold can prevent the release of Histamine and in addition, they have other effects such as stabilizing the lysozyme membrane and affecting the permeability and capillary resistance. Hollyhock mucilage also has protective effects on the digestive system's mucous membrane.

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Anti Stomach Inflammatory, gastritis treatment.

Duodenum, in the anatomy of the digestive tract, is a hollow tube similar to a tube that binds the stomach to the intense. Duodenum ulcer creates because of a specific bacterium (H.pylori)(1). occur on the inside of the upper portion of your small intestine (duodenum)(2). Also, Gastric Secretion, Duodenitis, and Duodenal Ulcer are factors that have been found to be important in the pathogenesis of duodenal ulcer in the stomach tract(3).

Sometimes, drugs for stomach inflammation that are prescribed to treat diseases such as arthritis can cause Duodenum ulcers. Some medications can also cause a duodenal ulcer, particularly anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen and aspirin. Rarely, other medicines or medical conditions might cause an ulcer. It’s possible that you are more likely to get a duodenal ulcer if you smoke, drink a lot of alcohol, or are stressed. But these things are less important than infection with H. pylori.

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Duodenum ulcers and stomach ulcers are Digestive ulcers and are kind of stomach inflammation. These ulcers create due to stomach acid. The ulcer and stomach inflammation is caused when the wall of the intestine damages. So this ulcer and inflammation create in the intestinal wall of the stomach.

The inner wall of the stomach and cells present at the beginning of the small Duodenum produces a mucus shield that protects the stomach and the Duodenum.

In the normal state between the acid and mucus, there is equilibrium. Therefore, if this equilibrium removes, it causes the ulcer, and acid can cause damage to the stomach and intestinal wall(4).


Licorice, natural stomach inflammation treatment

The most important property of Licorice is the treatment of stomach inflammation and stomach ulcers(5). Several studies have indicated that Glycyrrhiza glabra extract or its derivatives, mainly glycyrrhizin, bear expectorant, diuretic, laxative, sedative, antipyretic, antimicrobial, and anxiolytic, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant activities(6). A scientific study on humans revealed that licorice treats stomach ulcers and stomach inflammation. There is currently some Aspirin in the market which has a Licorice cover on them. Licorice cover prevents Aspirin from causing ulcer and stomach inflammation. Those who suffer from digestive tract ulcers can take this kind of medicine, with Licorice cover.

Licorice is the best and most effective remedy for gastrointestinal problems and stomach ulcers, stomach inflammation.

One of the most properties of Licorice is the treatment of stomach ulcers and stomach inflammation(7). Traditional medicine practitioners believe in treating stomach ulcers with licorice in a short, three – month period. This herb is generally effective due to having an effective substance, its name is  ” Glycerine acid “. This active ingredient may be effective in treating gastrointestinal ulcers, especially gastric and duodenum ulcers.

The mechanism of action of Licorice for stomach disorders is that Licorice lowers the level of stomach acid. It is because of the aforementioned compounds. Eventually may act as mild constipation, and is usable to relieve spasms, inflammation, and discomfort in the digestive tract.


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* Anti-inflammatory and sedative for pains resulting from peptic and deudenum ulcers
* Enhancement of mucous resistance
* Curing peptic and deudenum ulcers

50 Tablets

* Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) extract
* Marigold (Calendula officinalis) extract
* Hollyhock (Althaea officinalis) powder

Each Gastrodin tablet contains 400 mg of glycyrrhiza glabra root extract (whose glycyrrhizin content is reduced as far as possible) and extract of calendula off. flowers as well as althaea off root powder.

Observing the diet, 1-2 tablets before every meals, for 4- 6 weeks.
This tablet can be prescribed solely or with anti-acid medications.

Recent analyses have shown that the extracts of the abovementioned herbs contain components affecting gastritis and peptic ulcers of stomach and deudenum;The most crucial ones being flavonoids, saponosides, and its mucilage compounds. Effect mechanism of gastrodin is a series of mechanism related to its effective matters. Anti-secretion effect of gastric acid and anti-ulcer effect of Glycyrrhiza glabra might be associated with stoppage of action between mucosal receptors and release of acetyl choline of vagus nerves. In addition, it reinforces the mucous barrier against impact of gastric acid via influencing the chemical composition of stomach mucus. Effect mechanism of flavonoids of Glycyrrhiza glabra and calendula is also expressed based on anti-inflammatory effects of flavonoids that can prevent from release of histamines, and additionally, leave other impacts on them such as stabilization of lysosome membrane and influence on capillary permeability and strength. Mucilage of Althaea off. also has protective effects on digestive system mucus.

The drug shall not be used in cases of acute renal failures, chronic hepatitis, biliary duct obstruction, liver cirrhosis (alcoholic liver disease), and low-potassium blood.
In patients suffering from hypertension, the drug shall be used with doctor’s advice and control of blood pressure.

Intake of total root and extract in the long term would result in elevated blood pressure and occurrence of mineralocorticoid symptoms due to presence of high glycyrrhizin content. For the same reason, to minimize this side effect, gastrodin tablet is made of essence of the Glycyrrhiza glabra with lowest amount of glycyrrhizin.

Gastrodin has interaction with medicines which can lower potassium such as Thiazide duretics and laxatives that contain senna.

* Store at room temperature (15-30ºC).
* Protect from direct light and heat.
* Keep out of the reach of children.