Myrtle Ointment (Hemorrhoid cream)

Myrtle has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and painkiller effect also is effective in alleviating inflammations and coagulant of blood. The essential oil of Myrtle has been used in traditional medicine for suppressing symptoms of hemorrhoids. So Myrtle ointment can be used as an effective hemorrhoid cream. In a clinical test, 67 patients suffering from hemorrhoids (grades 1 & 2) used either an ointment containing Myrtle extract or anti-hemorrhoid for 2 weeks. Results show that Myrtle extract ointment was significantly more effective in reducing hemorrhoids, anal fissure, itching and defection pain in comparison with an anti-hemorrhoid.

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MG Ointment, as a natural hemorrhoid cream

Since past time, therapeutic and healing properties of some Herbs have been used for treating many diseases, including Hemorrhoids. Prior to the discovery of chemical drugs, physicians only used herbal remedies to improve their patients. So the effectiveness of many plants in various diseases has a long-standing record. A large number of herbs may help alleviate the pain of Hemorrhoids when it is in the early stages. Mg Ointment is a herbal Ointment that can work as a natural hemorrhoid cream.

Signs of hemorrhoid; best cream for piles treatment at home

The signs and symptoms of Hemorrhoids are usually dependent on the place of its occurrence. The most common signs of hemorrhoids include bleeding, pain, itching, burning, inflammation, and swelling. Red blood may be seen in compliance with bowel movements. Sometimes this feeling may occur in the patient, which feces is not completely discharged from the rectum. In most cases, Hemorrhoids are without risk and there is no other sign but limited bleeding. It is necessary to note that any bleeding from the anus is not the signs of Hemorrhoids. But must be examined by the physician to determine the main cause of the bleeding. How to get rid of Hemorrhoids? how to Treat Hemorrhoids? Hemorrhoids medication can be an herbal treatment. You can use this herbal Ointment for piles treatment at home.

Piles treatment at home by Myrtle Ointment

Like many chemicals, plants may also contribute to the loss of symptoms of Hemorrhoids. The proven anti-inflammatory property in some herbs may reduce inflammation by affecting the response of the body to damage the anus. The herbal remedies may also contribute to relieving the disturbing symptoms of Hemorrhoids.

Myrtle uses as a disinfectant substance(1), (2) and its fruit uses to heal the wounds and bloodshed. The most important ingredient of the Myrtle is its essential oil, which contains Pinne, Geranoyl, Linalool, and Camphon. Myrtle is also may use for Hemorrhoid treatment(3),(4) as a Hemorrhoid lotion because of Myrtle high tannin content. There are essential oil Tannin and resin materials in various parts of Myrtle, including leaves and fruit of Myrtle.

Also, Ginger oil is effective to remove this problem and can be effective than any hemorrhoid cream.

The difference between ointment & cream(5)

An ointment is a kind of medication for topical use. Ointments have a higher concentration of oil, creams have a higher concentration of water. An ointment has 80 percent oil and 20 percent water. But a cream contains 50 percent oil and 50 percent water


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* Removal Symptoms of hemorrhoid (haemorrhoid) Grade I and II, such as bleeding, pain, itching, burning and heavy anus and tenesmus.
* Annal fissure treatment.

Ointment 30 gr

Myrtle (Myrtus Communis) essential oil

1 and 8 cineole, Pinene, limonene, terpineol, linalyl acetate

Apply 1 applicator in the rectum, 2 times a day.

Myrtus communis has antibacterial and anti- fungal effect and is also effective in alleviating inflammations and in healing rashes . Monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes in myrtus communis essential oil have antibacterial , antiseptic and antifungal and the essential oil itself is a painkiller . Distilled myrtus communis leaf and flower is an astringent and a coagulant of blood . Essential oil of myrtus communis has been used in traditional medicine for suppressing symptoms of haemorrhoid .
In a controlled , double –blind clinical test , 67 patients suffering from grade 1 or grade 2 haemorrhoid used either an ointment containing myrtus communis extract or antihaemotthoid for 2 weeks . Results show that both remedies were effective in reducing haemorrhage , anal fissure , itching , defection pain and tenesmus . There were statistically meaningful differences in the intensity of symptoms before and after te treatment period ( p<0 , 01 ) . With regard to suppression of haemorrhage , there was statistically meaningful difference between myrtus communis extract and anti haemorrhoid(P= 0.052 ) . researchers arrived to the conclusion that MG ointment can be used for suppressing symptoms of grade 1 and grade 2 haemorrhoid.

There is no specific contraindication.

There is a chance of topical allergic reaction if the ointment is excessively applied.

Not reported

* It is imperative to identify The haemorrihoid as grade 1 or 2 before setting out to use this ointment.
* The rectum should be well cleaned before applying this ointment
* Halt usage immediately and consult your physician if adverse effects are observed.
* Store at room temperature (15-30ºC).
* Protect from direct light and heat.
* Keep out of the reach of children.