Supermint Soft Capsule (Anti Flatulence)

Mint has been mentioned as gastrointestinal problem treatment in most validated Pharmacopoeias. The mechanism of antispasmodic effects of Mint essential oil has been identified. Researchers Mentioned, the clinical effects of Mint essential oil for treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS), including abdominal pain and abdominal discomfort, is due to controlling the contraction of the smooth muscle of the intestine. In a clinical trial on 70 patients with chronic digestive problems, such as Flatulence, significant reduction in the gastrointestinal complaints of the group receiving this product in contrast to the placebo group was confirmed. In another clinical trial for treating indigestion, the formula containing Mint essential oil was superior to Metoclopramide for the relief of symptoms such as pain, nausea, flushing, and heartburn.

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Many people face embarrassing and excessive flatulence, which results in stomach gas. It refers to the swelling and swollen stomach and the increase in the amount of gas in the digestive tract and stomach. Flatulence is usually not due to excessive gas, but due to the slowness of muscular contractions and the movement of the digestive tract. Consumption of fatty foods delays food depletion and cause bloating and flatulence. Gas relief by flatulence foods and flatulence supplement is common.

Flatulence can also be in result of Irritable bowel (where the contractions are irregular). The other reason for bloating may be due to fast eating. Flatulence can also be a sign of some other diseases like Appendicitis. Constipation also causes bloating and flatulence. Flatulence is more likely to occur in women. It is also a change in the level of the body hormones and the increased retention of water and salt in body tissues before the menstrual cycle.

The amount of gas produced by the large intestine bacteria varies in different persons. Bad digest in the digestive tract) small intestine) can lead to the entrance of more undigested food to the Colon and so lead to disorders in the digestive tract, like bloating.


Mint & Gas relief

Mint has Spasmolytic property on the smooth muscles of the digestive tract. It also has antiviral, antimicrobial and sedative effects.

According to Germany Commission E, the Mint is used in the following:

  •  Spasm disorders in the digestive tract and bile ducts
  •  Irritable Bowel
  •  inflammation of the oral membrane
  •  Respiratory tract secretion

Mint leaves have traditionally been used to treat bloating, intestinal colitis and bile diseases. It is due to the anti-bloating effect of Mint. Most of the study is based on the Mint effects to treat digestive diseases, but anti-viral, antioxidant and bile effects of Mint have been proven. Anti-spasm effects of Mint extract and Mint essential oil, and also MENTHOL have been proven in the vitro studies. Clinical studies have also proven that Mint essential oil is effective in reducing the effects of Irritable bowel syndrome, which causes a reduction in the spasm and Flatulence.

The MENTHOL in the Mint also causes this herb to have an anti-pain property. Mint is one of the best natural ingredients to help treat all kinds of digestive problems, and most use of Mint is to help for treating digestive disorders. Mint chewing after food also helps to remove the bad smell of mouth and remove gum swelling. Finally, mint benefits for the stomach gas relief are confirmed.


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* Carminative
* Anti spasmodic
* Analgesic
* Dyspepsi remedy
* Stomachic

30 Soft Capsules – 20 mg

Mint (Mentha spicata) essential oil

Carone and Methyl acetate

Take 1 capsule every 8 hours.

1- Carminative effect of Mentha Spicata and Its essential oil is well recognized:
The mechanism behind this effect has not been deciphered yet. It seems, however, to be a result of relaxation of the lower sphincter of the gullet. Menthol seems to be responsible for relaxing the lower sphincter of the gullet, which makes it possible for the gas to escape. The pressure inside the stomach thus becomes equal to the pressure inside the gullet.
In a double–blind, placebo controlled randomized clinical test, 70 patients suffering from chronic digestive system conditions, including flatulence, were given one herbal extract menthol tablet daily for a period of 14 days. Analysis of the results clearly shows that complaints received from those treated with menthol tablets were substantially milder than those received from subjects who were given placebo (P<0.05). Ultrasound measurement results for the amount of gas inside stomach are also indicative of the effectiveness of menthol tablets (P<0.05). 2- Anti-Spasmodic effect: Ant-Spasmodic effects of menthol extract have been well documented. Scientists believe that menthol extract's anti-spasmodic effects and its ability to alleviate cramps of isolated, flat muscles are the result of its inhibitive effect on the intake of calcium into muscle cells. Menthol extract's clinical effect on inflammatory intestinal syndrome has been related to the relaxation of flat intestinal muscles and restoration of proper muscular tone. 3- Treatment of Dyspepsia: A menthol extract containing formula was shown to be effective in alleviating dyspepsia symptoms such as pain, nausea, acid reflux and belching. It was further shown to be more effective in alleviating these symptoms than Methocholoperamid (P=0.02). 4- Stopping the increase of H. Pylori: According to studies conducted so far, spearmint and its compounds can check the growth and increase of susceptible or resistant strains of H. Pylori and S. Aureus. This is very important considering the role of H.Pylori in generating ulcer

* Patients with severe liver disease, cholestasis, cholecystitis, and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) should avoid using spearmint products.
* Patients with a history of heartburn should use this product only carefully.
* Patients with gallbladder stone should use this product cautiously.

This essential oil and its main constituent, menthol, are safe and generally regarded as safe (GRAS). No side effects have been reported, but rare cases of mucosal irritation, nausea, and burning symptoms have been reported in sensitive individuals.

Not reported

* Store at room temperature (15-30ºC).
* Protect from direct light and heat.
* Keep out of the reach of children.